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Cléguérec Property Listings and Info

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Cléguérec - an historic village

Cléguérec is an historic village in the mysterious and beautiful Morbihan department in southern Brittany. It's got several historic monuments, and is set amid lovely, unspoilt countryside on the edge of the Quenecan Forest. Because the village is set close to Vannes, the departmental capital, and within easy reach of Morbihan's acclaimed coast and beaches, it is an ideal location for exploring southern Brittany.

Amenities on offer

Cléguérec has a collection of useful and attractive small shops and services. So daily life is comfortable and pleasant, but it's also easy to access many more shops and larger facilities in nearby Pontivy. Shops you'll find within the village include a mini supermarket, bakers, deli, post office, banks, pottery, fashion shops and pretty much everything you are likely to need in a small town sort of way. It's easy to find essential services like plumbers and builders in the village too.

Schools in the area

If you've got young children there are three schools in the village, two public and one private. Older kids can take the school bus to the nearby colleges (secondary schools) and lycées (sixth form colleges).

Social life and leisure activities in Cléguérec

Cléguérec is a vibrant little community, and in addition to a handful of bars and restaurants, it hosts cultural events, fêtes and festivals. For those who enjoy sports and other activities there's a good sports complex offering a football pitch, tennis courts and a sports hall. There's even mini golf to keep everyone entertained.

Enjoy Lake Guerlédan and the Etang de Pontoir

And, within just a few kilometres is the fabulous leisure lake of Guerlédan, with numerous on and off the water activities. Even nearer, on the edge of Pontivy, is another lake, the Etang de Pontoir, a beautiful place perfect for picnics and family days out.

Heritage of Cléguérec

Cléguérec's heritage includes eight chapels. The Chapelle de la Trinité dates from the 15th century, while the second, the Chapelle de Saint André is from the 16th century. Then, on the edge of the forest, is the pretty little Chapelle de la Madeleine, built in the 20th century. Add to these the Chapelle de Saint Molvan, the Notre Dame des Neiges à Locmaria Church, the Chapelle de Sainte Anne de Boduic, the Chapelle de Saint Jean and finally, the Chapelle de Saint Gildas. Visiting all those should keep you busy for a while!

Explore the dolmen

When you've had your fill of chapels, take a look at the Statue of Liberty, a smaller replica of the New York iconic figure. Or head out of the village to see the fascinating "House of Dwarves" or "Cave of the Fairies", as the dolmen is called. A dolmen is an above ground burial chamber, built of large stone slabs and smaller stones. Morbihan is known for its mysterious dolmens, and this one is one of the biggest and most intriguing.

Discover the Cléguérec area

There's plenty to see and do within easy reach of Cléguérec. Pontivy is just up the road, and this pretty market town is packed with great shops and restaurants, as well as a stunning mediaeval quarter, complete with castle. Then there's Morbihan's capital city of Vannes, always good for a day out; the lovely Belle Isle just off the south coast of the department; and any number of pretty, sheltered beaches and resort towns to enjoy at the seaside. Out in the countryside there are several fascinating sites to visit where you can see standing stones and historic monuments.

How to get there

You can travel by air to Dinard, Rennes or Brest. Dinard is served by Ryanair and Aurigny; Rennes is served by Flybe; and Brest by Flybe. Ferries will take you to St Malo or Roscoff, or perhaps Caen or Cherbourg if you prefer. If you're driving, you'll find Cléguérec on the D15, near the N164.

Property prices and availability in and around Cléguérec

Cléguérec property may be a little pricier than property in some parts of Brittany, but it's still very affordable. And prices in 2012 are being set a little lower than in the last few years, so you should have a good chance of finding a bargain.

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Cléguérec AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Cléguérec?

Cléguérec is situated in the north-west of France. It lies in the north of the Morbihan department

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Population: 2,749

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard, Rennes or Brest. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are at St Malo and Roscoff, but Caen and Cherbourg are within reasonable reach too. By road: The town lies on the D15/D18, near to the N164 non toll motorway.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural. Small commerce is present.

Interesting fact: Cléguérec has an interesting dolmen, known as "the Cave of Fairies" or the "House of Dwarves". It's one of the biggest dolmens in the area.

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