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Malestroit Property Listings and Info

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Tranquil and pretty

The town of Malestroit, in south-eastern Brittany, is an unassuming yet fascinating little market town. Classified as a 'petite cité de caractère au bord de la rivière' (little city of character on the riverside), and set on the lovely Nantes-Brest canal and the River Oust, Malestroit is a place that needs to be visited to be appreciated.

Drunkards and demons!

While the presence of drunkards and demons would not normally endear a town to its inhabitants and visitors, in the case of Malestroit the opposite is true. The drunkards and demons here cling to the façade of the church, and are made of local stone rather than flesh and blood. Neither is the church the only decorated piece of masonry in Malestroit, as many of the houses in the attractive main square of the town sport unusual and fascinating carvings and statues. If you look carefully you may find, for instance, a hare playing the bagpipes, or a pig wearing a splendid buckled belt!

Restaurants and bars

Malestroit is well served by a number of bars and restaurants, and in the summer months there are tables on the pavements where you can sit in the shade of a gaily coloured parasol and watch the world go by.

Markets and supermarkets

There are two good sized supermarkets in the town, and one of these, unusually for France, is actually open on Sunday mornings! Thursday is market day, and in common with all French markets it completely transforms the town for a few hours, whilst the stallholders set out and sell their fresh produce, fashionable clothes and many other arts and crafts, to townsfolk and tourists alike.

Places to visit

There is a tourist office in the centre of the town, and this can supply information about what's on locally. The canal is a delightful place to spend a little time, and you can watch the barges as they moor up near the centre of Malestroit. It is possible to hire a boat yourself to explore the waterway, and this is a pleasant and different way to discover the area.

St Marcel

The nearby village of St. Marcel is an interesting spot to visit, and it houses a museum dedicated to the Breton Resistance movement. This is sited on the ground where a battle against the Nazis took place, the battle having been won by the resistance fighters.

Gulf of Morbihan

Malestroit is fortunate to be set close to the lovely inland sea of the Gulf of Morbihan, where there are sandy beaches and all manner of sporting and leisure choices available. All around the area there are opportunities for horse-riding, cycling, walking, golf and many other activities. It is also quite easy to reach the seaside itself, as the Breton coast is a short drive away.

How to get there

Brittany is served by its own airport, Dinard, which offers direct flights from the UK with Ryanair. Ryanair also flies into Nantes from the UK, which is quite easily accessible from Malestroit, as do GB Airways and Aer Arann. The ferry port of St. Malo is the closest of the ferry ports, but you could, of course, choose to sail to Caen, Cherbourg or Le Havre, and drive the rest of the way, enjoying the lovely landscapes as you go.

Property prices and availability in and around Malestroit

It is still possible to find bargain properties in Brittany, particularly if you keep away from the seaside towns, but prices are rising steadily and the area remains a popular choice for British buyers.

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Malestroit AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Malestroit?

Malestroit is found in north-west France, in the southernmost department of Brittany. The town lies inland, to the south-east of the department of Morbihan.

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Population: 2,472

Access: By air: Fly to Dinard or Nantes with budget airline Ryanair. By boat: The nearest ferry port is that of St.Malo.

Economy: Information technology, chemistry and tourism create a thriving economy in Malestroit.

Interesting fact: The town is classified as a 'petite cité de caractère au bord de la rivière'.

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