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Redon Property Listings and Info

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All roads lead to Redon

Redon is a small town about 65 km east of Vannes. It used to be an industrial heartland but is now gearing up for tourism. It's a fairly easy town to get to as it is at the centre of pretty much everything. A number of roads and railway lines meet here, not to mention the canal, two rivers, three departments and two regions. It's also an important regional centre for agriculture, with a market held every Monday in the town.

Historic Redon

The old town is situated between the canal and the river in the north-west. The most notable building is the church of St-Sauveur, with its Romanesque tower and Gothic buttresses. The cloisters are now home to a college. There is an elevated walkway, underneath a row of chestnut trees not too far away, which offers superb views over the church. The local council vigorously keeps the area tidy, cleaning up after both humans and Mother Nature. Even in autumn, you're unlikely to find a leaf out of place.

All aboard

Redon is a perfect place to base yourself for leisurely cruises. You can board a craft on the River Vilaine or travel by steam on the Nantes-Brest canal, where you will have to negotiate a series of locks and sluice gates. The River Oust erratically twists in and out of the canal to add to its complexity. As well as the usual pleasure craft you'll be able to spot canoes, sailboats and even houseboats making their way though the town.

Flower power

The town is nicknamed 'Ville Fleurie' and has a reputation for keeping up a festive atmosphere year round. The streets of Redon are awash with colour from the many flowers in baskets, pots and window boxes. The restaurants offer good food at pleasing prices and you'll have no trouble finding a bar that features live music. In summer there is a theatre.

How to get there

Rennes or Nantes would be the ideal first stops if you're heading to Redon. Both these town have airports with regular UK flights and TGV stations. Alternatively, you could fly to Brest and take the canal to Redon, something that you can also do from Nantes. Ferries run between Portsmouth and St-Malo (Brittany ferries) and between Plymouth and Roscoff (Condor Ferries).

Redon property prices

Most British buyers are choosing to live just to the west of the town in Morbihan, although in most Breton towns away from the coast you'll be able to find British inhabitants. The rental market is not particularly strong. We currently have custom built houses on offer in Redon.

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The town is located on the borders of three departments and two regions. It is to be found in the south west corner of the Ille-et-Vilaine department, in Brittany.

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Population: 10,000

Access: Rennes and Nantes both have airports and TGV stations. The nearest ferry port is to be found in St-Malo.

Economy: The town and its many waterways are changing away from heavy industry and embracing tourism.

Interesting fact: The town is nicknamed 'Ville Fleurie' for its many decorative flowers.

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