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Into the history books

Vannes, located in the south of Brittany, is one of the prettiest towns the region has to offer. It remains lively all year round thanks to an esteemed local university and an active tourist market. The town has had a large part to play in regional history. It was here that the Romans fought their fiercest Breton battle, eventually conquering the local Veneti tribe. In the 9th Century, a local by the name of Nominoe led the campaign for the unification of Brittany from Vannes. Seven hundred years later the union between Brittany and the rest of France was signed here.

Gateway to the islands of Morbihan

The local inhabitants, who today number 55,000, have always had a reputation for their intrepid sea exploration. From the old town, a canal has been built that is now used solely by pleasure crafts. In the bay there are a number of ships providing passage to the many islands off Morbihan.

Fully intact

Vannes was incredibly lucky to escape largely undamaged during World War II. The enormous Cathedrale St-Pierre, built in the 13th Century, is an eclectic mix of architecture from Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. It towers above the winding web of streets, which make up the old town. The best shopping is to be found here among the half-timbered buildings. If you head to Rue des Vierges you'll find some fairly inconspicuous steps, leading up to the ramparts from which there are fantastic views.

If you go down to the woods today...

Just to the northeast of Vannes is the Largoet castle. You'll find the mysterious ruins hidden among several acres of woodland. Although most of the castle was burnt down in 1488, the moat, drawbridge and two colossal towers are still intact making a perfect setting for son et lumiere shows during the summer nights.

A wet day in Vannes

If it starts raining in Vannes, there's still plenty to do. An impressive aquarium (home to 600 species of fish), splendid butterfly park and intriguing museum of mechanical dolls are all placed alongside the gare maritime. There are a number of other fascinating museums within the town. The Musee de la Cohue is situated in the former seat of the Breton Parliament. Inside you will see the best of 19th Century paintings and sculptures from the region.

How to get there

There are regular UK crossings to both Roscoff and St Malo. Caen and Cherbourg in Normandy are further away but may also have a crossing that suits you. Ferries are convenient for those who want to bring their cars. It is also cheaper if you are booking for larger numbers or out of season. These days you don't have to spend hours crossing the Channel as there are now super fast services heading to Brittany. Flying is still an option, however. Ryanair flies to both Dinard and Brest directly, while Aurigny Air offers flights to Dinard from Manchester, East Midlands, Bristol, Stansted, Gatwick and Southampton, although there is a change at Guernsey.

Vannes property prices

The Morbihan Coast has become the most popular destination for British buyers in Brittany making it also the most expensive. The rental market is mainly geared towards the French with most international tourists preferring to find somewhere inland.

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WHERE IS Vannes?

At the very south of the Morbihan department, in Brittany.

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Population: 55,000

Access: The nearest ferry ports are Roscoff and St-Malo, while the nearest airport with direct flights from the UK is Dinard

Economy: Originally centred around the port, there are now a number of diverse businesses operating in the town.

Interesting fact: Brittany's union with France was signed here.

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