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A prized town

Aigurande is located in the historical Berry District of the Loire Valley. It has a population of just 1668 inhabitants. Châteauroux, the departmental capital of Indre is 50km away, while Paris lies 320km away. It is known for the sheer quantity of wells that dot the town, each decorated with interesting grids that go back to the 18th Century. Despite the small size of the town, it has been of great historical significance and was a strategic frontier town during the hundred years war. The English were in control of the town up until 1200. There is reference to Aigurande going back even further in the archives, however: The town's Church of Our Lady was mentioned in 1087.

The Old Town

The town's ancient houses and streets have been well preserved over the years. The Old Town is located in an area called 'le Grand Place' and makes for a delightful evening stroll. There is also an interesting fountain here built in 1895 that features Mary holding up the baby Jesus.

A picture perfect landscape

The Indre and the Cher departments of the lower Loire Valley make up the Berry District. Aigurande is near its southern border. This is widely considered to be the most scenic part of the Loire Valley, partly because the area has not seen an influx of mass tourism or heavy industry. However, the area is naturally blessed with an abundance of rolling hills and open countryside. On top of all this, the Indre department alone has over 80 churches and 100 castles. The landscape has long been the inspiration for artists ranging from Monet to Guillaumin.

How do I get there?

The town has regular bus services to Châteauroux. Aigurande is located a few hours from Paris for those thinking about taking the car. If you want to travel by plane the nearest airports are Tours, Poitiers and Limoges, all of which have regular flights to and from the UK. Another option is to go by train. The fast and comfortable, TGV train service travels to Tours via Paris.

Aigurande property prices

Property prices are on the rise here but are generally cheaper in Aigurande than rest of the Loire Valley. If you're interested in DIY and have some free time then it's worth noting that there are plenty of homes needing renovation.

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Aigurande AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Aigurande?

In the south of the Indre department, in the Val de Loire region.

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Indre Guide

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Population: 1,668

Access: Tours, Poitiers and Limoges all have regular flights to and from the UK. Paris is not much further away.

Economy: Tourism and winemaking are both important industries.

Interesting fact: The town has an enormous number of wells located in and around the town.


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