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Attractive town with exceptional quality of life

The attractive fortified town of Issoudun lies in a beautiful region of central France, with chateaux and vineyards all around. Issoudun prides itself on both the warm welcome it extends to visitors and newcomers, and also on the exceptional quality of life of its inhabitants. It has been awarded the Four Flowers classification for the quality of the environment.

Issoudun's mediaeval roots

Issoudun has visible mediaeval roots despite the fact that many of its fortifications have been destroyed. There is still a sixteenth century town gate standing, and also the famous White Tower, a distinctive high cylindrical edifice.

Modern with good facilities

The town also offers all you will need for a comfortable modern lifestyle. There is the usual complement of schools, shops, banks etc., and the leisure facilities are also excellent, with most sporting and leisure activities available either within easy reach of the town or in Issoudun itself.

Delicious food and wine

Lovers of the good life will enjoy the delicious food and wine offered by the highly acclaimed restaurant La Cognette. This restaurant is so highly regarded that the owners have developed a hotel around the restaurant business!

A land of rivers and chateaux

If you leave Issoudun to take a look around you will find a classically French landscape of green fields, vineyards, rivers and fairytale chateaux. Numerous sporting activities are available, and the countryside is perfect for horse-riding and cycling. Close to the town you can find a house which belonged to the writer George Sands, and it is possible to take a guided tour of this house if you book in advance. (Bookings can be made through the hotel and restaurant La Cognette.)

How to get there

There is not yet an airport very close to the town, but it is still reasonably easy to access from the UK due to its proximity to the town of Tours. Ryanair, the budget airline, flies to Tours from Stansted. Issoudun is only a few hours drive from Paris, so road travel is another possibility. Finally, you could choose to take the TGV fast train to Tours from Paris, followed by a train to Issoudun.

Property prices and availability in and around Issoudun

The region is, in general, still a good place to look for property. It is just far enough away from Paris to maintain reasonable prices, yet within an acceptable distance for driving. Property here comes in all shapes and sizes, with old character town houses within Issoudun itself, modern villas on the outskirts and country properties in the rich rolling landscapes of the Loire valley. There may even be a chance to own a chateau, as there are many in the area.

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Issoudun AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Issoudun?

Issoudun is located in the heart of France, in the south of the central Loire valley region. It lies in the north-east of the department of Indre, close to Indre's border with Cher.

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Population: 14,000

Access: By air: Fly to the town of Tours with Ryanair. By train: TGV from Paris to Tours.

Economy: The economy of the town is growing and diversifying constantly. Principal industries include: leather dressing, malting, brewing, brush manufacture, grain, livestock and wine.

Interesting fact: Issoudun has historical and religious importance as a pilgrim town.


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