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Sainte Sévère sur Indre - a market town with a famous marketplace

Sainte Sévère sur Indre is a charming small market town which is situated in the department of Indre in the Centre Val de Loire region of central France. The green and pretty countryside of the Indre is a picturesque backdrop to the old town, where several interesting historic buildings can be seen. The lovely covered market place of Sainte Sévère sur Indre is acclaimed not just for its beauty and significance as an important part of the town's heritage, but also as the set for the well known Jacques Tati film, Le Jour de Fête.

Ample amenities on offer and a weekly market

Sainte Sévère is known as a market town, but with its population of under 1,000 it is really little more than a thriving village. However, its role as a film set has given it some degree of fame, and its old buildings and charming atmosphere attract visitors as well as new residents to visit or to seek property. Amenities include shops, schools, restaurants and a Wednesday market.

Discover the authentic market hall and fort remains

Time spent taking in the heritage offers the discovery of the delightful covered market hall, beautifully maintained to keep its authentic glory, the remains of a 13th century fort and the village church. There is also a good museum dedicated to Jacques Tati's film, the town's claim to fame, as well a walking trail connected to the film.

Explore the countryside and visit the Château of Culan

The Centre Val de Loire is a wonderful land of castles, elegant old towns and monuments and a pretty, gently rolling agricultural countryside. Places to visit in the locality could include writer George Sand's house, a fascinating national monument, and the stunning Château of Culan, where a rich variety of cultural events takes place each year. It is also well worth spending some time in the main city of Châteauroux, a lovely town with both ancient and modern areas where you can explore the heritage or simply enjoy a day's shopping and dining out on local fare.

Sports and outdoor activities available

For those who like sports and outdoor activities, the town and its environs offer up plenty of choice of things to do. There are great walking and cycling trails, rivers and lakes for swimming, fishing and boating, horse-riding stables and golf courses all within easy reach.

How to get there

If you like to fly, you can fly to Limoges with Ryanair and Flybe, or Tours with Ryanair. If you prefer the train, the TGV will get you to both these destinations too. Meanwhile drivers can access the town from A20, E62 or A71 major roads.

Property prices and availability in and around Sainte Sévère

Property in and around the town is often quite reasonably priced, with several excellent properties on the market at the time of writing for under 200,000 Euros.

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Sainte Sévère sur Indre AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Sainte Sévère sur Indre ?

Sainte Sévère sur Indre is situated in central France. It lies in the south-east of the Indre department.

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Population: 900

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges or Tours. By rail: The TGV also takes you to Limoges or Tours. By road: If driving, Sainte Sévère can be accessed from the A20, E62 or A71 major roads.

Economy: The economy is involved mainly with agriculture.

Interesting fact: The 1949 film Jour de Fête by Jacques Tati was filmed in the market place of the town.


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