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Levroux - A Focus on Farming and History

The town of Levroux is located in the Indre department of the Centre Val De Loire region and is just under 250km from Paris. The town is not particularly known for its tourism despite its strong medieval character. Farming generates the most income for the region.

A good place for Cheese and Pies

Levroux produces a large number of cheeses that are not be missed. Most curious is the goat's cheese, which is made into the shape of a pyramid to add a distinctive touch. Another culinary special are Levroux pies! Make sure you don't forget to sample the town's large selection.

Good Weather starts at Levroux

The longest river in France, the Loire is not far to the North of the town. This is widely seen to be the dividing line between the colder North of the country and the warmer south.

A Good Base

Levroux is a great place in which to start off from if you want to explore the numerous small and charming towns that dot the region. Nature lovers will also love the abundance of forests for hiking and exploring.

Levroux property prices

There is very easy access to both Paris and the South of France with the A10 running alongside Levroux. The adorable town of Blois is also an easy excursion away. Property prices vary greatly, although there are a number of bargains to be found. The decline of the farming industry has left a great market for second homes.

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WHERE IS Levroux?

In the north west of the Indre department, in the Limousin.

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Central Loire Valley Guide

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Indre Guide

  Indre Map

Population: 3,000

Access: The nearest airport international airport is Tours, although access from Paris is also quite easy.

Economy: Farming is still the main industry, although it has seen a decline in recent years.

Interesting fact: The town is located just to the south of the Loire Valley, making it a part of what is considered the warmer south.

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