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Loches Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Loches

A charming medieval town

Loches is a charming, medieval castle town of around 7,000 people perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the River Indre. Its strategic location has given rise to colourful history for both France and England. Its narrow medieval streets and churches together with its later buildings (including the Renaissance town hall) have helped maintain the town's character and make it an absorbing place to visit or live.

The Citadel, a place of power, fear and beauty

The fortress is the most dominant landmark of the town. It exploits the natural position that commands the River Indre - one of the key reasons for the creation of the town. It has been such a strategically important site that it has been occupied since at least the 6th Century when Gregory of Tours noted a fort, small town and monastery. The Citadel is situated south of the old town on the western bank of the river and has an impressive Keep built around 1030 by Foulques Nerra, Count of Anjou and extensive ramparts from a later period. Its darkest history comes from its time as a prison - where many of its guests endured the horrors of its torture chambers. Its lighter past was as a royal residence where wild and exotic parties were often held and royal mistresses earned their reputation.

Links to French and English history

Henry II of England owned and developed the castle. It passed to his son, Richard I, who fought for it before it was lost by King John of England. Later, it was here that Joan of Arc convinced Charles VII to march to Rheims to be crowned following her victories at Orleans.

A varied economy and a pleasant place to be

The economy of the area is based on the production of spirits, leather tanning and trading in wine, timber and livestock. There is a good choice of cafés and restaurants to choose from and a wide variety of local products include wines, charcuterie and confectionary.

How to get to Loches

Loches is on the Tours-Chateauroux rail link with arrival in Paris at the Montparnasse station. There is an airport at Tours which is not far away and good road links via the A10 and soon to be completed in 2007 A85 motorways.

Loches property prices

Property prices in and around Loches suit a wide variety of budgets. There are plenty of renovation projects and affordable character properties for those seeking something ready to move into.

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WHERE IS Loches?

Loches is in the south east corner of the Indre et Loire department - in the centre of the Central Loire Valley region.

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Indre-et-Loire Guide

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Population: 7,000

Access: Ryanair fly in to the nearby Tours airport and Loches is connected to Paris by the Tours-Chateauroux rail link with arrival in Paris at the Montparnasse station.

Economy: Historically the economy of the area is based on the production of spirits, leather tanning and trading in wine, timber and livestock. Tourism now plays a part.

Interesting fact: Loches is a picturesque town sitting right on the banks of the river Indre.

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