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A land of rivers

This department in central France takes its name from the Loir (not to be confused with the Loire) and the Cher rivers that run through the north and south of it respectively. The Loire, meanwhile, cuts right through the middle. The area is popular with sportsmen and women who take advantage of the expansive and dynamic outdoor environment for training.

Pride of the Loire Valley

Located on 22 thousand square yards of countryside, Chambord Chateau is one of the largest and arguably the most impressive Chateau in the Loire Valley. Even Versailles could be seen to be overshadowed next to Chambord, which boasts a staircase leading to its roof terrace designed by Leonardo De Vinci.

Home to the aristocracy

Blois, the capital of the department, is to be found right in the centre, on the banks of the Loire. Its chateau has seen various Kings and Queens come and go throughout the ages. The chateau is now an art museum and the town is at the centre of more pleasing things, such as strawberry and wine production. Blois is characterised by white limestone houses with blue slate roofs.

Delightful views and a medieval feel to the town

The majority of the town is on a hill on the north side of the river, giving it delightful views over the valley. The streets are narrow and retain a medieval feel to them. Staircases link the different levels together.

A place to relax

The archaic town of Vendome is one of the Loire Valley's most peaceful and picturesque places. The river Loir is divided into several different streams, which run around its flower adorned, stone built houses. A ruined castle looks down from higher up the hill.

Deep France

The magnificent chateau at Chambord was constructed against the wishes of both Leonardo de Vinci and the residents of Romorantin-Lanthenay. Their preferred plan was to build the Chateau in Romorantin-Lanthenay, which was the town that Francois I grew up in. The decision to build at Chambord gave the town a completely new destiny. It became the principal town of the Sologne and came to symbolise La France Profonde or 'deep France'.

How to get there

Tours to the south-west and, of course, Paris to the north-east both have regular flights from the UK. Eurolines run a coach service to Orleans and Le Mans, or there is the TGV which will take you to Vendome.

Loir-et-Cher property prices

The property market in the Loire is particularly popular with young families and those who have decided to retire to France. The sales and rental markets are both consistently buoyant.

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Loir-et-Cher AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Loir-et-Cher?

Loir-et-Cher is located in the centre of the Val-de-Loire region of central France.

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