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Orléans - a city of history and learning

The city of Orléans (or Orleans), which lies in northern central France, some way south of Paris, is famous for its history as the city which was rescued from its siege by Joan of Arc, termed ever after "The Maid of Orléans". The modern city benefits greatly from this history, and it forms the basis for the tourism industry which provides a major slice of the city's economy. Orléans is also renowned as a place of learning, with great educational facilities (particularly for the study of Law) which are sought after by students from all over France.

Home of Saint Joan

There is no escaping the fact that Orléans is a city with close connections with Joan of Arc... the commemorative statues and pictures are everywhere you go in the city. From the statue of Joan astride her charger in the Place de Martroi to the story of her life told in the stained glass windows of the Cathedral Ste Croix, there is evidence of the Maid all over Orléans. If you have children with you they may enjoy the colombage reconstruction of the house where Joan allegedly stayed in Orléans, as it brings history vividly to life. There is even a festival in her name, and if you are in town on May 8th you will be able to enjoy the fireworks, mediaeval fair and general celebrations that take place.

City life in Orléans

Life in Orléans is a vibrant mix of the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, blended with a sense of history and a great opportunity for enjoyment. Although it has been said that Orléans suffers from its proximity to Paris, with its citizens depending on the capital for night life and shopping, this is not quite fair. Orléans has plenty to offer in this sphere, with excellent shops and a multitude of bars, restaurants and leisure facilities. Many of the coolest bars and night spots are clustered around the Rue de Bourgogne, and it is here that you will also be able to find an eclectic mix of restaurants offering cuisines such as African, Moroccan, Indian and many more... as well, of course, as classic French.

What to do in and around Orléans

Even once you know the story of Jeanne d'Arc inside out, there is still no need to be bored in Orléans. Sporty types can access most sports in or close to the city, and the countryside of the Val de Loire provides for many more activities, including horse-riding, golf, swimming, fishing and cycling. Paris is near enough to make a day trip... and there are many beautiful places to visit in this lovely region of chateaux and vineyards.

How to get there

To get to Orléans from the UK you can fly to either Paris, with a choice of many airlines and departure points, or to Tours with Ryanair. If you prefer rail travel this poses no problem as with just a change at Paris you can make the entire journey by rail.

Property prices and availability in and around Orléans

Considering its proximity to Paris, and its status a major city, Orléans property is great value. Prices are much lower than in the capital, and indeed than in many other French cities such as Toulouse. If you are seeking a city pad, Orléans could well be the place to look. Investment wise too, Orléans is a wise investment... with prices showing a steady increase each year.

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WHERE IS Orléans?

Orléans is located in the centre north of France, almost directly south of Paris. It lies in the west of the Loiret department.

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Population: 113,000

Access: By air: Fly to Paris or to Tours. By rail: You can travel by Eurostar to Paris, then change for Orléans.

Economy: As a large city, the economy of Orléans is typically varied, with industry and commerce playing important roles. The most significant factor, however, is probably tourism.

Interesting fact: Orléans is the city famously stormed and rescued from its siege by Joan of Arc. This is why she is commemorated throughout the city, with her likeness shown in statues and stained glass windows.

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