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Welcome to Berry

Vierzon, with a population of around 30,000, is located in the historical Berry area of the Loire valley. Berry is considered by many to be the most scenic part of the Loire valley thanks to its rolling hills and open countryside, unspoilt by mass tourism.

Leading the revolution

Its location makes Vierzon an ideal trading town as it is at the confluence of two rivers, the Yèvre and the Cher. Over the years an advanced rail network has been built which has become the backbone to the town's economy and cemented its role in France's industrial revolution.

A tale of four towns

The town is, in fact, a collection of four settlements. Vierzon-Ville, Vierzon-Village, Vierzon-Forges and Vierzon-Bourneuf were joined together in 1937 to make the town that we now know today. The latter is located on the left side of the Cher while Ville and Village are both situated on a hill overlooking the two rivers.

Where to wander...

The town also has a port on the Canal of Berry, created in 1835 to link the town with Montlucon. The industries have stopped using it though meaning that it is now perfect for a leisurely stroll. The pedestrianised Old Town is also a great place to lose time as you admire the winding streets and half-timbered houses.

...And where to wonder

The 12th Century Eglise Notre-Dame has been wonderfully renovated and enlarged. Inside you can admire the impressive Renaissance windows depicting the crucifixion. The perfect place to relax, especially if you're a fan of Art Deco architecture, is the Square Lucien-Beaufrere. The garden was designed in 1929.

Proud of their porcelain

Vierzon has been an industrial trading hub since its creation. In 1779 Louis XVI's brother opened a forge and heralded a new boom in the local economy as industries began pouring in. Porcelain production is the biggest industry today making Vierzon the largest manufacturer in Berry and second only to Limoges nationally.

How do I get there?

Tours is the nearest airport and has regular flights from the UK. It may be easier or cheaper, however, to get a flight into Paris, as both destinations require extra travelling once you get there. An easy alternative is travelling to Paris by train.

Vierzon property prices

Property prices across the Loire valley have seen a 25% increase in recent years. While the Cher department has not seen the same rapid trend, prices here do tend to live up to their department's name by being slightly above the national average.

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WHERE IS Vierzon?

In the north west of the Cher department, within the Centre-Val-De-Loire.

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Population: 30,000

Access: The nearest airports are Tours and Paris, both of which have regular flights to and from the UK.

Economy: The town's location makes it ideal for industry and trade. Porcelain production is still the number one business.

Interesting fact: Vierzon is actually comprised of four towns, which were officially joined together in 1937

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