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War in a forbidding landscape

The Ardennes is one of France's most heavily forested areas and also the most sparsely populated of all France's departments. During both World Wars, the people of the Ardennes believed that the department would be spared from invasion as a result of its formidable landscape. However, it was in this very department that some of the most infamous battles of the both the First and Second World Wars took place.

Unique yet united

Charleville and Mézières together form the departmental capital, Charleville-Mézières. The two towns, located on the banks of the River Meuse, have been officially united for the past fifty years yet still retain their own unique identities. Charleville is very commercialised yet displays a wide range of interesting architecture. In Place Ducale, the central square, you'll see some beautiful 17th century facades. Mézières, on the other hand, is a military town.

Pulling strings

Charleville-Mézières is best known for its connection with the puppet world. The International Puppet Institute is located here and regularly entertains the locals with performances and workshops. There is also a curious looking curtain-covered clock in the Place Winston Churchill. On every hour the curtains open and puppets emerge from the clock to act out a scene from local history.

Cattle and poetry in Rethel

The charming market town of Rethel had to be significantly rebuilt following the Second World War. It is at its liveliest on a Monday when the cattle market comes to town, bringing with it farmers from all over the region. The poet Paul Verlaine spent a number of years teaching here in the 1870s.

Europe's most menacing castle

Sedan, in the east of the department, is another town that suffered during the Second World War. It has, however, retained its marvellous, if not slightly intimidating, 15th to 16th century chateau. This is the largest fortress in the whole of Europe. A 32 square acre artificial lake has been created not far from the centre of Sedan, which is used for both bathing and sailing.

How to get there

The nearest airports with direct flights to/from the UK are Brussels-South Charleroi in Belgium, and the Paris airports. For those wishing to take the car, you can catch a ferry to either Dunkirk, Calais or Dieppe. Another option is to take the Eurostar straight from London to Paris and then get a local connection.

Ardennes property prices

The Ardennes - and the north of the region in particular - is popular with international buyers thanks largely to its affordable property and limited restrictions on renovating.

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The Ardennes is located in the north of Champagne-Ardenne.

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