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“The property has been sold via your site and I would like to thank you for your service, which I will certainly use again and recommend to others. We were pleased with the number of enquiries, although we had to filter out a few time-wasters. We found your service excellent- thankyou.”
John W   30/4/2021

“Hello, please withdraw my ad. Thanks to your site I had a contact and now the promesse de vente is signed.”
Michel P   23/4/2019

“Your site has been a very successful way to advertise my property, I have signed the Compromis de Vente with a buyer who fell completely in love with the property and the area, and we will sign the final contract in 2 weeks. So barring the virtually "never happens" situation of the buyer withdrawing and leaving me with the 10% deposit, I sadly (for FPL) will not need to renew! You are welcome to use me as a reference if you wish. Best regards -”
Kevin J   12/7/2018

“Compromis de vente signed on this property today (buyer found us through your site), so please mark it as sold or remove it from the site.”
Mr Lee   30/11/2016

“Please remove the advert concerning the sale of my villa, which has now been sold through your website!”
Mr Dupont   13/10/2016

“This is to let you know that we have sold our house. We are grateful to you for your site as our purchasers came to us through you!”
Carol M   2/9/2016

“We have been holding fire because we are hoping to sign a compromise any moment now. We found the purchaser through our ad with you so thanks a million...the ad can be taken down and if things fall through I'll come back to you.”
Mrs Bayne   6/8/2016

“This property has SOLD! Thank you so much for all of your help. We were able to quickly sell this property and it was easy.”
Kristin   18/2/2016

“Thank you very much! I sold my house using your site (like before!), now the business is sold and due to complete at the end of February 2016.”
Mike   27/1/2016

“Can you please cancel this advert now as the property has now been sold through your website. Thank you for all your help.”
Mrs Shepherd   20/10/2015

“Would you please delete this advert as we have now sold our house and we did sell it through your website, thank you.”
Mr Gibson   5/10/2015

“We have sold through someone who contacted us through your site, please remove our advert. Thank you for all your help.”
John L   23/9/2015

“Impressed! One week of advertising and house sold, highly recommended. Thanks FPL, brilliant site. Please remove the advert.”
Mike L   8/9/2015

“I was impressed by your service and would recommend you to others.”
Mr B   28/5/2015

“Our Notaire is now holding a deposit on the sale and we hope to conclude in August. Therefore we shall not be requiring a renewal at this time. Your service has been excellent and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you!”
Brian W   31/3/2015

“I have had lots of interest in our property and have recently had a suitable offer from a buyer. So I will not be renewing my advert as this is no longer necessary. I would like to thank French Property Links for all the effort on my behalf in targeting prospective buyers.”
Mrs H   3/12/2014

“Could you please remove my property from your site as it has been sold. Thank you for your services and excellent site. I have already recommended it to other sellers.”
Mrs P   28/7/2014

“I have just sold my plot of land using your site. Please can you remove my advert from the site. Thank you!”
Phillip S   9/7/2014

“Please can you remove our advert as the house as now sold. I also wanted to thank you for your excellent service which generated a huge amount of interest and a lot of contacts. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else in the same position.”
Catherine D   3/6/2014

“We have now sold our property to someone who found it through your site, so please remove it. Thank you very much, we were very happy with your service!”
P Jones   6/2/2014

“We have just signed the "compromis de vente" with someone that found our house via your website. We've had most interest from your website. Thanks for everything - your site performed much better than the others on which we also advertised.”
George C   31/1/2014

“I did sell through your site and got a very good response to the advert, which generated a lot of enquiries. I would highly recommend your site.”
Michelle W   21/11/2013

“Just to let you know I have sold my property through the French version of your website. Many thanks.”
Heather M   28/10/2013

“We have actually now sold this property so we no longer need to advertise. The buyer found the property through you so many thanks indeed.”
Charlotte W   27/9/2013

“Could you please remove our property as we have now sold it through your website. Thank you for all your help, without your website I don't think we would have stood a chance of selling it, much appreciated.”
Denise L   25/9/2013

“Please remove the advert as I have now sold the land. I am very pleased with the responses that I have received and I will certainly use you in future.”
Gerry S   6/9/2013

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we have sold our property so I'd like to remove it from your site. We sold to people who saw it on French Property Links. We're totally delighted as the property has been on the market for some time and it felt as though we weren't getting anywhere. But four months after paying for our advert we've sold and at a price we are very happy with. We've had loads of enquiries. The process of creating the advert was simple and easy to manage. We have recommended you to many people we know who are trying to sell. Briliant!”
Margaret K   25/7/2013

“Could you please remove advert as the house has just sold. Many thanks for your service - we had many enquiries and sold to a French woman who saw the advert on your site.”
Christine C   9/4/2013

“Thank you for advertising our property on your website. I am pleased to inform you that it was very helpful and we have secured a purchaser. Please remove it from you website as we are still getting enquiries. I would have no hesitation in recommending your service...”
Lyn B   6/2/2012

“The house now sold and I must say I would not have sold unless I advertised with you - the response has been wonderful. All year I had people coming through off the site, so thanks, keep it up and I will recommend you where I can.”
Neil K   14/11/2011

“Many thanks. Yes it was sold by a visitor to your site. Over the period of the ad we had loads of enquiries and I would say about 50 families visited the cottage so we have been very pleased with your service.”
John J   8/11/2011

“My property is now sold so please kindly remove it from your site. Thank you for displaying it and I am pleased to say that I had quite a number of enquiries via your site...I have another property in the Vienne which I plan to sell in about 6 months and I will certainly use your site again.”
Mr Ron G   20/7/2011

“Just to inform you that we have signed a Compromis de Vente for the sale of our house in France. Nothing is final but will notify you again when the Acte is signed. Thank you for your services and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your site for advertising to anyone I know.”
Mrs Cavallin   16/6/2011

“We have sold our house via your site and would like you to remove it please. We are really impressed by your site and will recommend you to all our friends.”
Mrs Catlin   27/4/2011

“Thank you for the excellent service - we have now sold our house, so could you please remove the advert from your website?”
Mr Newman   22/4/2011

“The cottage is safely sold now, so please would you remove it from the website for me. When I want to sell another I know where to come.”
Fiona M   3/3/2011

“Please could you remove our advert as we are still getting about twenty calls a day! A very good website, many thanks.”
Mr Read   16/9/2010

“Our purchasers found our property on your website. We have had lots of enquiries about our house from visitors to your site and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to sell their property. In the past I found estate agents brought people to visit our house when we really didn't fit the requirements of the viewers. With your site we were able to give enquirers the information they needed, the bad bits and the good, so no one wasted their time - or ours!”
Lynda & Paul   4/5/2010

“We would like to thank French Property Links. After no joy selling through an agent we put our property on your sites. We have received on average an enquiry each week and have now sold our property.”
Mrs Thomas Turner   29/3/2010

“Please could you remove this advert, as the house has been sold. We have been delighted with the response to your website, especially bearing in mind the time of year and weather. We have had eight enquiries from UK, Ireland and France, of which four actually followed up by asking for more details and three came to visit.”
Mrs Read   22/2/2010

“I had many responses and five visits...thank for your prompt and efficient service at all times.”
P Millhouse   14/1/2010

“Your site has been very good and although we did not sell our property from it, it did generate some through traffic and I have recommended you to other people who are looking to sell.”
J Outhwaite   13/1/2010

“Many thanks, my property was sold through your site...I would happily suggest anyone to use your services.”
S Parkes   30/10/2009

“Thank you for your excellent service. We have now sold our property - Riverside Property in the magical Mayenne.”
S Blackburn   6/8/2009

“Sold my property through your site, thanks very much.”
D Woolnough   24/7/2009

“Could you please remove the advert I placed on your site for my farmhouse in the Alps? It is now sold, and the demand was absolutely overwhelming - I couldn't believe the number of emails I got about the house everyday! Thanks for a great and cheap website.”
Simone   6/9/2008

“Could you please remove the advert I placed on your site for a farmhouse in the Alps. It is now sold, and the demand was absolutely overwhelming, I couldn't believe the number of emails I got about the house everyday! Thanks for a great and cheap website!”
Sophie   10/6/2008

“We sold the house - many thanks for your help. I could not say for certain that we sold through you but I was inundated with inquiries and could have sold the house many times over. regards Malcolm”
Malcolm C   7/5/2008

“We have sold our plot locally - but we certainly had interest generated from your site. The interest was from both English and French. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services and would like to thank you for efficient and accurate publication.”
W Smith   18/4/2008

“Many thanks for your renewal offer, but the house has already been sold, thanks to your website”
Mrs Ghilain   28/2/2008

“What a fantastic service - I was completely inundated with calls and e-mails about my property. I came back from holiday and there were literally hundreds of e-mails. We have now sold to someone who found through your site. Thank you very much.”
A Robertson   26/2/2008

“Had a really fantastic response to my advert. Sold within 24 hours to people who found the property on your site. Absolutely delighted and I'm happy to recommend to anyone thinking of using this service. ”
K Hobson   14/2/2008

“Property sold privately to locals but the advert generated huge interest so thank you and hopefully I can use your services again in the future. Regards”
Emma S   27/11/2007

“Highly recommended - I got literally hundreds of e-mails about my property and sold to a visitor from French Property Links. What an excellent service! (PremierAdvert1126071M6)”
Barry P   8/11/2007

“Hello David, I have a buyer and it looks as if the sale will go through this time. There has been plenty of interest and some serious offers. I had delayed cancelling the advert until I was 100% sure of the sale but my notaire assures me that it should be concluded at the end of this month. Thank you for your service. My only regret is that I am selling and not buying. Best wishes,”
Richard T   5/11/2007

“Could you remove my advert from your site as soon as possible please as the sale completed today. I was absolutely inundated with emails (over 300) and yes, they found the house through your website. With Kind Regards, ”
Jane R   30/10/2007

“Hi David, Thank you for the email, the land actually sold a few months ago! I forgot to have the advert removed myself. I had at least 50 emails about the land so your site works a treat. I bought other land via your website in 2006 so keep up the good work! Kind Regards, Mark.”
Mark M   22/10/2007

“We have had most of our enquiries through your website and the buyers came through a house finding agent who found us on your website and matched us with her client. We have only had 1 visit through the 4 local immobiliers we were using. We were expecting a long wait, as is usual here in France, but sold within 6 weeks of putting it on your site. We would certainly use you again.”
Garry and Debbie C   8/10/2007

“Thank you very much for your posting of my house - Each week I had between 20-25 hits from your site, FAR more than any other site I advertised with (none of which netted me more than 2/week, if that). The property was sold thanks to your advert - please now remove it (PremierAdvert898420M6).”
Harry J   17/9/2007

“Please remove this ad from your site, as the property has now sold - through your website. Many thanks, ”
Linda P   17/5/2007

“Hi, could you now please remove a listing from your website for my property, as it has now been sold.? The property was for sale for 185000 euros, 4 bedroom stone and columbage house. We sold to people who saw the advert on your website, so many thanks for your excellent site. You knocked spots of the estate agents! Many thanks again, ”
M Turner   9/5/2007

“Dear David Many thanks for your email. I am pleased to say that the barns have sold through the advert on FPL, therefore we can now remove them. Kind regards ”
Lydia   8/5/2007

“House sold today. Many thanks for your help and assistance. Please now remove PremierAdvert868757M6. We sold to someone who saw the property on your website and we also had lots of enquiries. We can't recommend your site enough. It did the job for us. Bonne continuation. ”
Margaret and Ian   19/4/2007

“Hello, my 5000 sq m of land near Champagnat, Creuse (advert no. 932738M6) is now sold. Could you please mark it as sold or delete the advert for me? I've had a large and consistent response from early on. Thankyou. Regards, ”
I Laval   19/4/2007

“Please note that this land has now sold. Please remove from your site as soon as possible. We sold to someone (one of the first people to contact us) who had seen the land advertised on your site. Many thanks.”
J Leverett   10/4/2007

“I don't know if you had received my note that the property is sold as from 14 March 2007 - thank you for your wonderful service. The response was phenomenal with an endless trail of enquiries. The new owners also recommend your site. Thank you from all of us.”
C Cullen   21/3/2007

“Premieradvert938947m6 - Many many thanks for your excellent service. I have had such a response that I can truly say it has been the best value for money advert I have taken out. I wish I had more for sale! Please mark SOLD.”
R Malcolm   19/3/2007

“We have now sold our property in Brittany; so could I first of all ask you to remove it from the site? And secondly say what a fantastic response we had. The phone barely stopped ringing, and I believe we could have sold several times over. Thanks for your help - what a terrific site!”
G Parry-Jones   25/2/2007

“I am writing to advise you that we have successfully sold the property through your web site. Naturally we are delighted and are glad we decided to use your facility. Please now remove our advert form your website. Regards, ”
R & E Dewar   18/10/2006

“Would you please add the word SOLD to my advert. I did sell to someone who found it on your site. I had 217 emails about it and god knows how many phone calls... I'm very pleased with your site and service recieved, and will recomend to anyone selling property...... many many thanks”
B Peters   9/10/2006

“Please be advised that the property is sold. Thank you for your very good site!!”
C et S Lecourt   29/9/2006

“Hello, Just to let you know that we have sold our property. We have had lots of enquiries from your web site and would always recommend it. Many thanks”
C & J Fox   28/9/2006

“Please do remove the ad from your website. We sold the land weeks ago! The ad was very successful and we are actively recommending your site to all our friends. Thanks again. Regards, ”
G King.   23/9/2006

“Hi, I've had an absolutely fantastic response from your site and happily, the presbytery is now sold. Could you please either add SOLD to the ad or else remove it from the site - whatever you would normally do. Thanks once again - it was fifty quid very well spent. Regards. ”
L Clarke   22/9/2006

“Thank you for your renewal email - the property is now under offer, so we shan't need to renew. And, YES, the buyers came via your website. Regards ”
John H   27/6/2006

“Could you please remove our ad (PremierAdvert563620M6) as I am happy to report it is now sold. You too may be happy to know that our buyer came through your site! Thanks very much.”
R & M   9/5/2006

“Hello. You have been advertising a property for me in Lower Normandy. Completion on the sale of the barn is now sufficiently advanced to enable me to cancel the advert. I could have sold it 100 times over. (You can quote me on that!)”
D Temple   8/5/2006

“Just to let you know that we have sold our property, subject to final completion, which is currently advertised on your website. You will be pleased to know that the buyers contacted us after seeing the house on your website. Thanks, ”
D & M Pearson   4/4/2006

“Classified732305M9 - This house is now sold. Please remove the advert from your website. I've had lots of contacts from you. My sincere thanks for your help. ”
Marie M   24/3/2006

“Please could you remove Premier Advert 594424M6 (village house in Puy Malsignat) as we have now sold this property through your website. Thank you very much for all your help, we are very impressed with French Property Links.”
D Ollivier   27/2/2006

“The folks that bought the house saw our advert on either your site or on one other, the only 2 web listing we had. All they told me is that they found us online. They sent an email and followed up with a phone call when they returned to France at the end of summer. They visited the house and gave us our asking price all in the same day. With all the paper work and the holidays, we closed three months later. It was four months after we listed the house on-line, and seven months until the money was in the bank. I am very satisfied.”
Peter   10/1/2006

“Hello, .... I had several and serious possibilities with people who saw the house on your site. Thanks a lot for everything.”
J Vettier   9/1/2006

“My property in the Savoie (73) has been sold, please remove the advert on your Website. I am very satisfied with your service and I will not fail to use you again.”
Jean S   9/1/2006

“Hello, I have the pleasure to announce that we have signed the Compromis de Vente and the house is officially sold. Thank you for the quality of your site and the people who have come from it. We must have had about 40 enquiries of which 2 resulted in visits with one of those resulting in success.”
Frederic & Colette D   2/12/2005

“Hello, we have now sold our property. Could you please remove the ad. from the website. We received many many enquiries via email and telephone. Thank you very much - I will recommend your site to others. Kind regards”
Helen F   29/9/2005

“We received over forty enquiries via the site, no doubt due to the excellent presentation given. ”
Noel I   9/9/2005

“Dear Sir,
I have the pleasure to announce you that I have sold the farmhouse which has been presented on your site one year ago, ref 346545M6. I have received a lot of demands, more than 75, but in february 2005 I received a confirmation from two young English persons who were really interested in buying my property. All the papers passed by a notarial office in France, the sale took almost two month, but the buyers didn't need to come here for signing because the notaire represented their interests officially. In fact, I never met the buyers, but I have a nice relation of friendship with them by e-mail. If you allow me, I want to give few suggestions to those who want to sell theirs property by your intermediary:
1. prepare a lot of clear photos
2. don't ask an impossible price
3. answer to all the demands, you never know who will be interested at the end
4. be patient.
All my congratulations to you and your team for your kindness and for the support that you have brought to me during my contract.
Please receive my best regards,
Jean François P. (03)”
Jean François P. (03)   13/6/2005

“Our property was sold to an English couple who had viewed it on your site, probably about two weeks after placing the advert with you. The reponse that we had to the advert, was frankly, fantastic!!”
Jeremy L   10/5/2005

“Thanks for your email and indeed the extra advertising time. The advert was effective and the house is now sold. The advert was possibly even too effective as I feel I could have sold it about 12 times or so. Anyway thanks again.”
Julius H   4/4/2005

“Thank you for your reminder but we will not be renewing our advertisement as (thanks very much to the responses received) we have managed to sell our house. We are very pleased with the result of having advertised through your site and have recommended it to others who also wish to sell. Thanks again ”
John Knight   21/12/2004

“Dear David We sold our house through French property Links very quickly after several dozen enquiries. Thank you very much. You run a very efficient and easy to use service for a very good price. We recommended you to the people who have bought our house and they are now selling their house through you also. I will definately continue to recommend French Property Links Regards John Taulignan, Drome Provencal ”
John   5/10/2004

“Thank you French Property Links. Thanks to your site we have sold our house. It has taken less than one week! We had lots of enquiries and we are absolutely delighted. I will be recommending your service to my friends. Best wishes”
A Eve   7/5/2004

“Madam, Sir, This message to ask you to withdraw the property Classified149530M6 placed on 19/9/03. I am happy to tell you that this property is sold thanks to your site which I find brilliant. I received more than sixty emails! I have recommened you to my friends. I thank you for your assistance and I will not fail to call upon you again if the occasion presents itself. Best wishes. ”
Calou   7/4/2004

“Please remove private advert for cottage near Pleboulle in Britanny. We had around 200 responses, starting from the day after the advert went up. We sold it for more that we originally asked.”
Alan M   24/3/2004

“Please remove our property - it is now sold as a result of your website - we have had 40 enquiries and we are delighted with your service. ”
D Temple   12/12/2003

“Bonjour, Suite à de nombreuses réponses concernant l'annonce Classified100288M6, je vous informe que la propriété est vendue. Par conséquent, pour pouvez la retirer de votre site. Cordialement,”
R. Moulinier   19/9/2003

“Bonjour, Je vous remercie pour votre message et j'en profite pour vous signaler que notre maison à Droiturier a été vendue à un couple d'Anglais il y a un moment déjà. Nous avons été très contents de votre site car nous avons reçu énormement de demandes. vous faites du bon travail ... merci et bonnne continuation. Meilleures salutations.”
Sylviane   3/9/2003

“Dear Sir/Madam, Please could you delete the advert (reference PremierAdvert118949M6), as the property is no longer for sale. Thank you for services, we had an excellent response. Yours faithfully,”
P. Burdus   2/9/2003

“Dear David, I'm happy to inform you that the property has been sold! It is also good to know that the buyers found the property on the web. Through your site I have had quite a lot of interested people; a few have even visited the place. The buyers are Dutch. Please remove the ad, best regards, ”
Bram Wolthoorn   20/8/2003

“We have only had our property advertised for 2 weeks - but we have sold already! We have had 6 different serious enquiries. Please can you remove our advert. Many thanks for your help - we have been most impressed with your service and the rapid response to our advert. Thanks again.”
R Pajak   16/7/2003

“Dear David, I have just checked our advert with you and am delighted not least because of your speedy response. Congratulaions on an excellent site and service - I wish you every success in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. I am not sure how long our house will be on your site but, if it is not sold very soon I will extend with you. Best wishes, Paul”
Paul   15/7/2003

“Just a quick note to anybody who is considering advertising on this site... the response I have had since I started September 2002 has been amazing, French Property Links is the only advertising I do and I have had 60 sales already.”
Anthony Jones ABC Immobilier   15/7/2003

“Dear David, We have just achieved an unconditional exchange on our property, as it happens with someone introduced via an agent, but I have to say that your website is obviously very effective as we had a lot of people on standby, just in case our buyer withdrew (and several times it was very close). Thank you for your excellent service, and perhaps we should now withdraw the house from the website, to prevent even more people queuing up to buy it! Regards Kip Waistell”
Kip Waistell   14/7/2003

“Dear David and Katrina, as of today at noon the house at esplas de rebourguil ( was sold to clients who found us through you. you have both been splendid in everyway; dealing cheerfully and efficiently with all our queries about the process and putting together a really lovely site for us. we had tons of enquiries and i am confident that if these nice people hadn't snapped it up someone else would have soon. You made the thoroughly stressful business of selling a house yourself so much easier. Thankyou for everything and we wish you great success in your business. You deserve to succeed as handsomely as you behave! All our best wishes, Betsey and Geoffrey Parker ”
Betsey and Geoffrey Parker   20/5/2003

“Nous avons eu beaucoup de demande de renseignements grace à votre site. Nous avons fait quelques visites interessantes. Mais l'acheteur final a découvert la maison en passant devant tout simplement. Je vous remercie néanmoins de votre aide Bien cordialement”
Jean-Dominique   20/5/2003

“Thanks for your aid! We have had an enormous response -- up to 100 by phone, and email So it has sold and so please delete from the site, as I am still getting calls! Of course we now think it was too cheap but we had it valued by the local agent in Loches!! Thanks again and you will come highly recommended. ”
Eric Byers   29/4/2003

“Just to let you know that the appartment that we have been advertising is now sold. We have been inundated with enquiries ( the first one within hours of the advert going live) , although , we have now infact sold to someone who lives in the village. Thank you for your help.”
J Warin   29/4/2003

“Just to let you know that we are shortly signing the compromis on our property so I would be grateful if you could remove it from the site. As I mentioned before, we have had a huge response and even after the initial surge of interest, I have been receiving a couple of enquiries a day. Thanks again for your help.”
Richard Smith   17/4/2003

“I'm the (ex) owner of property reference 28/10/2002 Ref: PremierAdvert26007M6. I can now happily say that due to using the services of your website we were able to sell our house in Grasse. Although we didn't get many responses, the ones that we did get were of "high quality".”
Arte Brandt   9/4/2003

“Vous voudrez bien enlever mon annonce reférencée 19120 du 26/09/2002 d'un montant de 222 000 Euros. Cette maison a été vendu (par le site) et je vous remercie pour votre site. J'ai eu de nombreux contacts même des EU. J'ai été tres surpris par l'impact de votre site que j'ai du reste conseillé depuis à d'autres amis. Oui je suis heureux d'avoir eu la chance de vous trouvez et je vous souhaite longue vie. Encore merci et bonne continuation.”
Gérard   29/3/2003

“We sold the house through your website. Thank you for your assistance for posting up the ad. Could you please take it out of advertising now? Thank you,”
E Sereno   7/3/2003

“Could you now remove the property from your website as it is sold. Thanks ever so much and if it is testimony to the success of your site then I am still receiving calls daily from people interested in buying the property. The people were among the first to contact us and obtained the details from your site. Thanks again, it is obviously a popular site. ”
P Clarke   4/3/2003

“...we have been inundated with enquiries... What a brilliant site you have, we never realised what an impact a site like this could make many thanks”
Jan and Geoff Dyer   22/9/2002

“May I ask you, please, to remove the page from the site? We have had somewhere in the region of fifty enquiries, some obviously "trawling", several serious to the point of going to see the property, and now have accepted an offer on the property which is firm and is going ahead. Clearly, your site has been a success for us. Thank you for your help in the setting-up, and for the good display of the pages. The interest it has attracted has surprised us. Perhaps thats a measure of our naivety! Thank you for all you have done.”
Revd John Courtie   17/9/2002

“Thank you for advertising my property. The property is now sold -due to your website! Could you now please remove the advert. Thank you”
P.J.Goodwin (sold a house & workshop in Brittany)   2/7/2002

“We have sold the house in the aveyron..., so i guess we can take the house off your site... we certainly had an EXCELLENT response from your site and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone (it was much better than another very well known site we also advertised with). so i guess this is good-bye and thankyou once again for all your help and charm and good humour. You and katrina certainly made it fun, thanks”
BP   24/6/2002

“Thanks for putting our advert on your website so quickly.”
AH   5/3/2002

“Please cancel advert. Had a huge response. So large could have sold it a dozen times. Good service”
T. Salas (sold a townhouse in Normandy)   20/6/2001

“this house is sold. thank you to remove it of your list. I had many contacts come in from french property links. I thank you very much.”
Floréal Garcia (sold an ancient house in Cathare village)   22/5/2001

“I think your site is excellent... A friend forwarded the details to me having had a great response to the ad that she put on last month.”
Cordelia Roe (sold a house in Paziols)   15/3/2001

General Comments

“Hey, thanks for getting back, WOW - I’ve actually found a internet company with truly excellent service.... It's a first you have probably guessed... I’m stunned... Regards, ”
Andy   19/7/2018

“Thank you so much, we found a place on your site!...I have told loads of people about your site and they are also very impressed. Such an amazing site with loads of food for thought, brilliant! Thank you again; I think I'll miss checking out the properties. However, if it doesn't work out where we are, we will certainly check out the site again, as we won't be moving back to UK.”
Rachel C   19/7/2013

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(Following this comment we added a new function to search by price range)
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Nigel   //

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Newton Sud Immo View properties   2/12/2012

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Christelle Redon - Gourdon Immobilier   31/5/2006

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John C   4/11/2005

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