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Corsica is an island that lies in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of France and Italy. It is officially labelled a "territorial collectivity", but is listed as one of the regions of France. It is a popular second home and holiday destination, being extremely beautiful and also rich in history and culture.

Enjoy the wonderful weather

The Corsican climate is wonderfully Mediterranean, with long, hot, sunny summers. The weather is generally milder in winter at the coast than inland, where it can become quite cold at higher altitudes. The coastal north is generally accepted to be the warmest part of the region, while the area around Bonifacio in the south can be very windy… but great for sailing!

Corsica's departments - Haute-Corse and Corse du Sud

Corsica has two departments, Haute-Corse (Upper Corsica) and Corse du Sud (southern Corsica). Haute-Corse is the northern half of the island, and has a mountainous interior with some spectacular scenery. Corse du Sud is home to the capital city of Ajaccio. Both departments have beautiful beaches, a fascinating natural and architectural heritage and a unique culture.

Coastal attractions are plentiful

Being an island, Corsica has, of course, an extensive coastline. Lovely beaches, coves and fishing villages can be found in all parts of the island. Scuba diving and sailing are very popular, as the sea around Corsica is clean and clear, and blessed with a thriving marine life.

Discover rock formations inland

Corsica has a mountainous interior, with many stunning sights. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the rock formations known as the Calanche de Piana, and the Filitosa menhirs. Outdoor and adventure sports enthusiasts also find the interior of the island perfect for walking, white water sports and climbing.

Explore mediaeval Bonifacio

Corsica has a history as old as the hills, and its towns and villages are packed with heritage. Bonifacio, set high on limestone cliffs, has many mediaeval streets and buildings; Ajaccio has Roman roots and a wonderful old quarter; while Cargèse was founded by Greeks and has a Grecian style and ambience.

Try the pork and Brocciu

Corsica has a Mediterranean gastronomy, including such delights as wild honey, fabulous fish and seafood, wine, charcuterie and cheeses. Particular to the island are pork from the Corsican black pigs and a sheep's cheese known as Brocciu. Corsican clementines are also very popular and quite delicious. Another feature of Corsican gastronomy is the prolific use of the sweet chestnuts that grow in the forests.

How to get there

You can fly to Corsica's airports both in the north (Bastia) and the south of the island (Figari, Ajaccio) from the UK, or travel to Nice or Marseille and take a ferry. Ferry ports are found at Calvi, Bastia and Ajaccio, as well as Ile Rousse, Propriano and Porto Vecchio.

Property prices and availability on Corsica

It will hardly come as a surprise to hear that Corsican property is both expensive and in relatively short supply, due to the beauty and desirability of the island as a holiday home, or even as an idyllic destination for a permanent life under the Mediterranean sun. However, it is possible to find excellent properties on the island. Villages in inland areas can be a little isolated, but are a rich hunting ground for character properties. Leasehold schemes offer a way of making purchase more affordable in the most desirable spots. The system for property purchase is not complicated, and is the same as in mainland France.

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Department Guides to Corsica


Corsica is divided into two departments, Corse du Sud or South Corsica (2A) and Haute-Corse or Upper Corsica (2B). The northernmost department of Upper Corsica has glorious beaches, hidden coves and pretty fishing villages along its coast, in addition to some well established holiday resorts, and its inland regions are dramatic and mountainous, rich in nature and wild beauty. South Corsica is also blessed with a stunning coast and a fascinating interior countryside, and is an ideal location for property seekers looking to fulfil their dream of owning property on this delightful Mediterranean island.

Town Guides to Corsica


Lecci is a village that is found in the south of the island of Corsica, just off the south-east coast of France. Lecci's bay, San Ciprianu, is one of the most beautiful on the island. Ideally suited for peaceful holidays by the sea, Lecci is a close neighbour of the popular resort of Porto Vecchio.


WHERE IS Corsica?

Corsica lies in the Mediterranean Sea, off the south-east coast of France.


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