The Best Property For Sale near Ryanair airports in the Centre-south of France

Where and what to buy in the Centre-south of France near Ryanair Airports

Ryanair airports in the centre-south of France

The Languedoc-Roussillon (Languedoc-Roussillon Property Guide) countryside of sunflowers, vineyards, Cathar castles and quaint circular villages is an ideal location for many property seekers, and the wall to wall sunshine certainly doesn't do anything to put them off! Meanwhile parts of the Midi-Pyrénées (Midi-Pyrénées Property Guide) lying to the west of the northern Languedoc, are definitely the places to look if you want a property in the south, but don't want to pay Mediterranean prices. Ryanair currently, in 2011, flies to Carcassonne (CCF), Perpignan (PGF), Montpellier (MPL), Béziers (BZR), Nîmes (FNI) and Rodez (RDZ), in the centre-south of France. Below you will find property hotspots that are found close to these airports, as well as property currently for sale there.

1. The best property near Carcassonne airport

Carcassonne (Carcassonne Property Guide), capital city of the Aude department in Languedoc-Roussillon, is another Ryanair destination, and an area transformed by the arrival of the airline. Carcassonne's airport is Ryanair, and offers several flights daily from London Stansted, East Midlands, Liverpool, Dublin and Glasgow Prestwick airports.

A favourite destination of many 
The city of Carcassonne, with its inner, walled mediaeval city and attractive, "modern" town around the outside, is high on the list of everybody's favourite destination. Carcassonne loves its festivals (Festivals in France - celebrate the Languedoc-Roussillon way!), its music and its gastronomy, as do the people who live there.
Click here for details of this Carcassonne property for sale at 175,000 Euros

Known for its fetes, festivals and Blanquette 
Close to Carcassonne lies the town of Limoux (Limoux Property Guide), another deeply loved by many British people who have settled there. Limoux is a party town extraordinaire, having a fete or festival of some description almost every weekend of the year. It is also the place where the superb champagne-style Blanquette sparkling wine is made. Property in and around Limoux is often very reasonably priced, despite the popularity of the town and its proximity to both Med and mountains.
Click here for details of this Limoux property for sale at 98,000 Euros

Birthplace of cassoulet 
Anyone for cassoulet? If that's the case, head for the market town of Castelnaudary (Castelnaudary Property Guide), just 30 minutes drive from Carcassonne airport. Said to be the proud birthplace of the cassoulet dish, Castelnaudary is also bisected by the beautiful Canal du Midi (Canal du Midi Property - From the Languedoc to the Med), and has a thriving centre with shops, restaurants, cinema, theatre and library.
Click here for details of this Castelnaudary property for sale at 703,500 Euros

2. The best property near Perpignan airport

The southernmost airport in France, Perpignan, in the Catalan area of Languedoc-Roussillon near the Spanish border, has flights from London Stansted. The Mediterranean coast in this part of the region (the Vermillion Coast), is arguably the prettiest on the Med (Côte Vermeille Property - an insider's guide).

Lively city with wonderful weather 
The city of Perpignan (Perpignan Property Guide) is always lively and has a pervading Catalan culture and gastronomy. Meanwhile the department of Pyrénées-Orientales (Pyrénées-Orientales Property Guide), in which Perpignan is located, is known for its superb climate that brings sunshine almost throughout the year.
Click here for details of this Perpignan property for sale at 399,500 Euros

Town of cherries 
Just beside Perpignan, heading inland to the hills and foothills of the Pyrénées, lies the town of Ceret (Ceret Property Guide). In the spring and early summer the entire town seems to be dressed in pink and white blossom, followed by rich, ripe cherries.
Click here for details of this property near Ceret for sale at 155,000 Euros

An artist's town 
The seaside towns are, of course, an important reason for the popularity of the Pyrénées-Orientales, and none more so than the town of Collioure (Collioure Property Guide). There is something about Collioure that captures the hearts of all who visit, and there could hardly be a more perfect location for that French dream home on the Med.
Click here for details of this property near Collioure for sale at 490,000 Euros

3. The best property near Montpellier airport

The bustling capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Montpellier is another sought after location for property buyers. On the edge of the Med in the department of Hérault (Hérault Property Guide), it is a truly exciting city in every way. Ryanair flights to Montpellier leave from Leeds Bradford and Birmingham.

Charming old town and thriving modern town 
The old town is as charming and fascinating as any in the country, while the modern Montpellier (Montpellier Property Guide) is the place to be for the young, the ambitious and for anyone who enjoys being part of a forward moving community. Prices for property in the city centre are high, but more affordable options are easily found on the outskirts.
Click here for details of this chateau near Montpellier for sale at 1,352,000 Euros

Jewel of the Med 
A good location within reach of Montpellier airport is the town of Sète (Sète Property Guide), the seaside town often called the "Jewel of the Mediterranean" thanks to its glorious quality of light, stunning surroundings and lovely buildings.
Click here for details of this Sète property for sale at just 488,000 Euros

A beguiling fishing village 
Mèze (Mèze Property Guide) is set in impossibly picturesque style on the shores of the Bassin de Thau, a salt water lagoon separated from the beaches of the Med by a thin strip of land.
Click here for details of this property near Mèze for sale at 180,000 Euros

4. The best property near Béziers airport

Also in the department of the Hérault in Languedoc-Roussillon is Béziers airport, one of Ryanair's more recent acquisitions. The city of Béziers (Béziers Property Guide) and the surrounding area have a lot to appeal to property seekers, having a fabulous Mediterranean climate and countryside, a wine making tradition and a colourful culture. Manchester, London Luton and Bristol airports all have flights to Béziers.

Popular with the artistic community 
Béziers itself is an attractive city, and one which has a tragic Cathar history to recount. It is a favoured location for an artistic community of writers, artists and other creative minded individuals.
Click here for details of this Béziers apartment for sale at 110,000 Euros

Paradise on earth 
How does the idea of living in a place known locally as "paradise on earth" grab you? All you have to do is head for the idyllic village of Marseillan(Marseillan Property Guide), on the shores of the Bassin de Thau. Whether you are looking for property for a holiday, or for a new life on the Med, Marseillan is irresistible.
Click here for details of this Marseillan property for sale at 144,000 Euros

Historical and interesting 
Pézenas too, is a town that begs to be considered. Close to everything that matters in this area, Pézenas (Pézenas Property Guide) is a delightful old town bursting with character and charm.
Click here for details of this Pézenas property for sale at 336,950 Euros

5. The best property near Nîmes airport

The Roman city of Nîmes, in the Gard department (Gard Property Guide) of the Languedoc, is next up for consideration, having flights with Ryanair from Liverpool and London Luton.

Historic and modern city 
Nîmes's Roman heritage is well documented, and it is certainly a dream destination for anyone who appreciates history and enjoys authentic architecture and monuments (Nîimes Property Guide). It is also a thriving modern city with all the usual French pleasures of dining, cultural events and great shopping.
Click here for details of this Nîmes property for sale at 600,000 Euros

Well equipped with fabulous restaurants 
If you want to get away from the city but still enjoy the magnificent heritage of the area, take a look at the pretty village of Remoulins (Remoulins Property Guide) near the Provence border. The village lies beside the stunning Pont du Gard, one of the Languedoc's most celebrated monuments.
Click here for details of this Remoulins property for sale at 232,100 Euros

An interesting and charming town 
If you still haven't found your ideal location within reach of Nîmes airport, the town of Uzes (Uzes Property Guide) may provide just the laid back Mediterranean ambience you are seeking. Uzes oozes (ouch!) southern charm and passes its long, lazy days under a relentless sun in most seasons.
Click here for details of this property near Uzes for sale at 575,000 Euros

6. The best property near Rodez airport

Rodez is another Ryanair airport serving the central-south of France. Rodez is in the department of Aveyron (Aveyron Property Guide) in the Midi-Pyrénées, and lies to the west of the northern Languedoc. The countryside that surrounds Rodez is almost undiscovered and utterly unspoiled, with plenty of restoration properties for those interested too. Ryanair flies to Rodez from London Stansted.

Cultural and gastronomic treats on offer 
The city of Rodez (Rodez Property Guide) is a treat in store for lovers of a laid back existence with a great quality of life. The gastronomy is renowned, and there are museums, galleries and a renowned cathedral to explore.
Click here for details of this property near Rodez for sale at 525,000 Euros

Attractive and vibrant town 
Near to the Ryanair hub in Rodez is also the lively town of Decazeville (Decazeville Property Guide), which has plenty of shops and services to make life easy and stress free.
Click here for details of this Decazeville property for sale at 119,900 Euros

An adventure sports playground 
The town of Millau (pronounced "meee-oh") is, of course, famed for its bridge, a marvel of engineering that draws thousands of visitors each year. Millau's location in the stunning Gorges of the Tarn makes it a real contender in the hunt for a great property destination in southern France.
Click here for details of this Millau property for sale at 210,000 Euros

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