Selling With Your Own Property Website

The benefits of using a website to sell your property

New opportunities via the internet

The internet has opened up a whole new virtual world to give individuals more power than ever to contact people regardless of location - and at a cost that is unbelievably small in comparison to the old ways of doing things. One result is a revolution in the selling of property and if you are selling a property you should consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

Save £1000's by selling without an agent

One way of harnessing the power of the internet is to create your own website to sell your property. The advantage of having your own website is that it enables you to sell a property without the help of an estate agent. And in France sole agency agreements are rare - so if a buyer comes to you directly, no estate agent commission is chargeable. This saves on the cost of agency fees.

Take control of your marketing

In the past the seller had to rely on the estate agent to arrange and negotiate with newspapers and magazines for publicity. But, now with the internet, you can organise your own publicity. You can avoid having to contact numerous publications around the world, as more people turn first to surfing the web when looking for property.

The property website brochure

By having a website created for the sale of a property, a virtual brochure is created. It is a sales tool that can make your property attractive to potential buyers. It is made up of text and photos, which you can compose yourself, structured over a number of pages.

Added flexibility of a website brochure

Being in an electronic format, it is possible to change photos and alter text so that the website may be kept up to date. However, despite it being in electronic format, if a hard copy were needed, it is a relatively simple matter just to print the document out from your computer. Another advantage is that unlike a printed brochure, it is possible to interact with a website. This means that people visiting your website can contact you directly by email via the "Contact Us" page.

Your own domain name, stand out from the crowd

Having a website of your own is a big advantage when compared to having an advert on a property website. You have more independence. Having your own domain name and website allows search engines to find your property independent of any others. Also, when responding to requests for information, you can send them the domain name of your website so they may see your property in detail.

Your website - a crucial part of your advertising plan

When selling your property, having a website is an invaluable and flexible tool. It can integrate with your other advertising plans including adverts on both the internet and in magazines and newspapers. Such adverts can include your domain name so that people can find out more about your property and make contact with you.

Getting your website built

Getting your property website online involves many steps:
- You'll need to get a domain name registered and link this to some hosting space on a server.
- You'll need to make sure your server is connected to the internet in a reliable way to ensure your site is available 24 hours a day.
- You'll need to format the text into sections so that the details are logical and well laid out.
- You'll need to optimise your photos so that the site appears quickly on people's screens.

Alternatively we can do the work for you

We can create a website consists of 5 pages of property details and up to 100 photos. We reformat photos so they are able to go on the website. We help you to choose a domain name for your website which suits your property. We register this name and run your website from our servers for one year. (This can be extended if you choose to renew the service. Otherwise, the domain name returns to French Property Links to save you any further costs.) We create a one-year advert on our website with a link to your website. This will guide buyers to your site and ensure the most important search engines like Google know about your site.

Now for some we have done earlier

To give you more of an idea of what is possible with a website, see some of the websites we have created so far for property sellers:
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Property for Sale in Midi Pyrenees, France
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Get your own property website today

If you'd like us to help create your own website then follow the link below and fill in the form. As soon as we have received your payment we will get the wheels in motion to get you online.
Get your own French Property Website

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