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An article highlighting the fantastic range of courses to choose from

Anyone for golf?

France is home to over 500 golf courses and still more are being designed by the very best golf course architects in the world. The variety of courses is tremendous - you could be playing amidst snowy peeks or overlooking a sparkling ocean. France also boasts courses which will challenge and tantalize even the most experienced golfer and is host to competitions for many famous trophies.

Golf in the Île-de-France

The 68 golf courses in the Île-de-France offer an opportunity to play amongst the many beautiful sites that Paris and its surrounding region have to offer. Most courses are suitable for all levels and win or lose, you can look forward to evenings spent exploring this remarkable city.

Golf in the north-west and west of France

The west of France has some truly spectacular golf courses - 120 of them in fact. Those in Normandy are particularly lush and include courses attached to luxury hotels in and around Deauville and courses that back on to the D-Day Landings beaches. The most renowned courses in Brittany are found on Mont-Saint-Michel where they lie nestled between rocks and moors with stunning views across the region. As you travel further down the west coast you will discover numerous coastal courses, which enjoy a refreshing breeze from the Atlantic. Inland, there are plenty of courses on the banks of the Loire for those who fancy a spot of golf amongst the châteaux.

Golf in the south-west of France

The south-west encapsulates the variety that France offers to golfers. With 98 courses to choose form you can play in the natural surroundings of Limousin, amidst the rolling vineyards of Aquitaine or on the slopes of the Pyrenees - the choice is yours. There is certainly plenty to entertain you off the course as well. Visit medieval Poitiers, the châteaux in Périgord, the beaches of Biarritz and the modern wonders of Futuroscope before taking up your clubs once more.

Golf in the south-east of France

Golf in the south-east can be a truly breath-taking experience. Whether you are playing in the shadow of Mont-Blanc or to the scent of lavender and the hum of the cicadas, the 128 golf courses in this quarter of France make for a sensational yet relaxing experience. The Côte d'Azur is easily accessible for those who want to sample the nightlife of Nice or St Tropez. A trip to the volcanic foothills and châteaux of Auvergne is also not to be missed. If you're feeling very adventurous, you could even take in a bullfight in Nîmes.

Golf in the north-east of France

The north-east of France has 97 golf courses spread throughout its seven regions. Each region has a strong cultural identity. Experience the culinary delights of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, the Gothic art and cathedrals of Picardy or taste the bubbles that give the Champagne region its name. Alternatively, relax in the spas of Lorraine, experience the folk traditions of Alsace, familiarise yourself with the historical sites and fine wines of Burgundy or marvel at the Doubs Falls in Alsace.

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