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Keeping green

With 40% of its area covered in forests, Doubs is undoubtedly France's greenest department. It is located in the east of the Franche-Comte region with a Swiss border extending over 160km. The sheer number of springs, lakes, waterfalls and caves make it highly attractive with much to satisfy anyone with a keen sense of adventure. The department boats the largest downhill skiing area in the Jura Mountains as well as the most extensive cross-country skiing (1000 miles of trails) in the whole of France.

Capital of clocks

Besancon is both the capital of the department and the entire Franche-Comte region. Despite its rich history, idyllic countryside, clean streets and vast green parks, the town is largely free of tourism. Inside the charming old town you can find the buildings where Victor Hugo and the Lumiere brothers respectively grew up. The town is most famous for its clock-making industry. The 12th Century St-Jean Cathedral contains an astronomical clock with 30,000 intricate parts to it.

Besancon by boat

The best way to see Besancon is by boat. In the port there are a large number pleasure crafts that will take you along the river and underneath the fortifications. The local University attracts a large number of foreign students, which is the main reason for the town's lively and diverse nightlife.

Memories of Swabia

The pretty town of Montbelliard, home of Peugeot, is rarely seen without a vast assortment of flowers to decorate its streets. In the 18th Century, the demand for classical housing meant that the 15th Century Swabian castle was reduced to two enormous towers that overlook the old town.

The birthplace of Absinthe

Pontarlier, at the foot of the Jura Mountains, is home to just under 20,000 people. It once made its fortune from the production of Absinthe, a highly alcoholic and hallucinogenic drink, which was banned in 1915. Since then, the main industry has been tourism, with holidaymakers arriving in both summer and winter.

How to get there

There are regular flights from Basel/Mulhouse, Geneva and Lyon airports to the UK. If you'd rather go by land then the TGV, which will take you from London to Dijon in just six hours, is recommended.

Doubs property prices

The department's property prices are increasing yet still represent good value for money. Besancon has a flourishing economic market, especially with the rise of tourism, meaning that it has great potential for business.

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Doubs is the most easterly department of the Franche-Comte region of eastern France.

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