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Experience counts in property

Anyone who's spent time looking for property in Brit-popular areas of France will have met a mixed bag of estate agents. If you don't speak great French (and not a lot of us do, at least at first) it's easier to deal with a UK agent, but be careful. Far too many have no real experience of the business before setting up in France. Adrian Simmonds, of ABORDimmo, is a rare exception. Not only does he hold the carte professionelle, he has years of experience of estate agency in both France and the UK on which to draw. Let's face it, buying a house in France is a major undertaking. So it's important to have an expert on your side through the process. It's also helpful that Adrian speaks both French and English, so he can negotiate with both nationalities and help you with the paperwork too.

Expert advice for ex-pats and property seekers

Adrian offers some timely advice to anyone who is considering buying a property in France. "Before you buy, think carefully about what you really want... and what you can realistically manage. So many people looking for homes or holiday homes in my area get carried away by the types of properties they can get for their budgets. The Deux-Sèvres in particular offers amazing value for money. So, you'll find enormous properties with huge gardens for the price of a terraced home in the UK. But do you really want such a large property? Especially if it's to be a holiday home, when you're not going to be there to mow the two acres of lawns every few days in the summer! It's better to stick to something manageable so you'll have time to enjoy it."

Honesty is the best practice

Adrian was given some advice by his first boss when he started out in the business: "If you don't tell lies, you won't be caught out." And, he abides by these words of wisdom. "Honesty is vital. A dishonest estate agent wastes everybody's time, not least his own. And," he adds, "I live in the area in which I sell houses. I want to be able to go to the supermarket in peace and not have angry people accosting me!" In fact, Adrian has made many lasting friendships through the business and often socialises with satisfied clients. He also finds he gets new business regularly through the recommendations of previous clients. Clients also love the way ABORDimmo is prepared to keep helping them out even after the sale. The agency will help you get connected to the utilities, and put you in touch with local accredited tradesmen, thus avoiding the pitfalls some ex-pats come up against.

Why buy property in the Deux-Sèvres?

The Deux-Sèvres occupies a wonderful location in France. It's close to hundreds of attractions that make for great holidays and family fun, for one thing. Poitiers, with its famous theme park is just an hour and a half away by car. The same goes for the Vendée coast, La Rochelle and also the chateaux of the Loire Valley. It's really simple to reach from the UK as well, being set amid several airports, TGV stations and free flowing motorway networks. Even driving from the ferry ports is a pleasant experience - Bressuire is around a three-hour drive from St Malo. Adrian's area itself is also deeply appealing. With character market towns such as Bressuire, picturesque rural villages and rolling countryside blessed with sunflowers, it's simply a perfect antidote to the overcrowded UK. No wonder we Brits love it!

Incredible prices

However, there's another reason to buy in the Deux-Sèvres. Property is plentiful, often characterful, and above all, it's cheap. In fact, according to Adrian, it's about 25% cheaper than in the neighbouring areas of Maine et Loire and the Vendée, yet you can still access all the attractions of these departments, which are a short drive from your property! Now, that's value for money. Of course, if it's the well documented charms of the Dordogne that attract you, Adrian's associate can also help you with this through the agency. Expect to pay a bit more here... but it is stunning.

ABORDimmo and French Property Links make perfect partners

Adrian has advertised his properties with the internet portal French Property Links (FPL) since 2008, so it's clear they've found a partnership that works for them both. Adrian says he likes the way it's easy to upload his properties and photos to the user friendly site. And he appreciates the quality enquiries that come to him through FPL.

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