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"Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur" - A Truly International Enterprise Passionate about the Pyrénées

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur opens up the property market in the south-west of France to the world

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur has an international client base

If you're thinking of selling your property in the south-west of France (Le Bonheur covers the Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées- Atlantiques and the Gers) it makes sense to market your property as widely as possible. So, Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur makes sure that its adverts reach a truly global audience. The team do this through their website, through interaction with partner sites and portals and through attending property exhibitions. They speak both French and English, of course, but are also able to offer help to clients in Flemish, Dutch, Spanish and Russian if required!

Specialised local knowledge

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur understands that its success is partly due to this international presence, but also, conversely, due to a very local presence too. Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur has, after all, been in existence since 1995. So, while the team deal with buyers from all over the world, they also have a deeply personal relationship with their area. Edward Landau explains: "We feel that we offer an unparalleled knowledge of the area. Over the last eighteen years, I have driven some one million kilometres helping clients find their perfect Pyrénéan property."

Living and working in the region for so long has given Edward and his team insights into its people as well as its properties. Understanding how things work there is vital, and passing on this knowledge to clients is how successful sales are achieved.

Passionate about the Pyrénées

Edward says that he chose to live in the area because of its beauty, its history and its proximity to both the mountains and the sea. The south-west of France has a unique and charming culture too. The soaring, snow-tipped Pyrénéan Mountains offer unlimited opportunities for outdoor pursuits, while the Atlantic Ocean is noted for its seaside and surf resorts. Then there are almost undiscovered villages, as old as the sun that beats down on them in summer, and historic towns such as Pau, Maubourguet and Marciac. Add to this the rich variety of picturesque landscapes - the golden sunflowers and cornfields of Gascony, the green meadows of the Bearn and the majestic pine forests of the Landes, and you have an irresistible cocktail of southern French delights. Small wonder, then, that clients from all over the world are attracted to the region. Edward's passion for his region is evident, and he loves nothing more than to share it and help new clients to discover this idyllic corner of France.

There's a perfect place for every client

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur believes that every client is an individual. And, for each individual there's not only a perfect property, but also a perfect location. The area is so diverse, that Edward and his team need every bit of their local knowledge and every year of their long experience to match clients to locations. On top of this, the team know that listening is often more important than talking. So when you get in touch, they'll listen attentively to everything you tell them before attempting to match you to a property. That way, you won't be taken on time wasting trips to view unsuitable properties. It's always important, of course, as no one wants to waste their valuable time. But, it's even more important when you've travelled perhaps thousands of miles for your viewing trip.

Connecting clients to the right people

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur understands that their clients may require help not just to find and buy the right property in the right location, but after the sale as well. Settling in a foreign country has its own challenges, not the least of which might be arranging utility connections and finding artisans and builders if you don't speak the language well. The team are happy to help you out, whatever it is you need. They can make sure you get connected to water and electricity supplies, and that your telephone is turned on. And, their extensive list of local contacts means that you'll never be stuck for a reliable plumber, builder, lawyer or translator when you need one.

The future's bright for Pyrénéan property

Like most of Europe, France has recently experienced a slump in the property market. This has had both an upside and a downside for buyers. Reduced prices have made property in France very accessible, with some amazing bargains to be found, but many would be buyers have been worried about investing. However, in 2013, a turning point seems to have been reached. It really is a great time to buy, as many bargains can still be found, yet a returning confidence is getting everything moving in the right direction once more. According to Edward, landed properties of between 200,000 and 500,000 Euros are once more sought after and selling well.

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur and French Property Links are partners in success

Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur chooses to advertise its properties with property portal French Property Links (FPL) because they both share the same passion about French property. This, coupled with FPL's simple to navigate and attractive website and a powerful internet presence, means that Agence Immobilière Le Bonheur receives quality leads though FPL and its adverts generate genuine enquiries.

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