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Languedoc Estate Agent "Artaxa Immo" chooses French Property Links

Artaxa Immo specialises in Languedoc property, offering a service second to none

Artaxa Immo - one of the most respected estate agents in the Languedoc

Artaxa Immo was launched in 2004, initially from a base in the UK. In 2008, the company moved to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France. Under the expert guidance of Paddy Gibbins, Artaxa Immo is now one of the Languedoc's most respected immobiliers. The agency operates exclusively within the Languedoc region, with most properties in the Hérault department, in or around the dynamic city of Montpellier. The area may seem restricted, but this is the way Paddy likes it. He believes strongly that an agency should have a focused territory, so that it can stay in touch with everything that's happening in the local property market. Set between the Med and the mountains, and easily accessed, this part of the Languedoc attracts people from all over the world, who fall for its beautiful countryside, heritage villages and sunny climate. Paddy Gibbins and his wife chose to make it their home for the same reasons. But it has much more to offer than beauty, wine and sunshine.

The Hérault offers something special to newcomers

This department has an attitude to life that allows newcomers to really integrate in a way that's impossible (or at least, downright difficult) in other parts of the country. Montpellier, in particular, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan university city that welcomes new ideas and inhabitants. Paddy and his wife (the only British GP working in the region) have proved just how successfully this integration can be done, and Paddy is able to use all this experience to the benefit of his clients.

Artaxa Immo - personal service built on expert knowledge

Buying property abroad is always a big move. When buying a property you need to have complete confidence in the people who are involved in the process. This is true whether you intend to live in the property full-time, use it for holidays or are buying to let. Knowledge of the area and the French legal process are critical, so having someone like Paddy on board makes all the difference. He explains what makes Artaxa Immo different:

"Artaxa Immo is my own business. This means that everything comes down to me, and I personally take responsibility for every step of the process. I hold the 'carte professionel licence', something that very few British estate agents operating in France possess. Also, I have a deep knowledge of the French legal process, which can be a minefield for the unwary when it comes to buying property."

Artaxa Immo - a multi-lingual team who listen and take pride in their standards of service

Paddy has a small but select team who are all dedicated to making Artaxa Immo's service second to none. All came to the work from different professional backgrounds and this transference of skills comes together to make Artaxa stand out from the crowd. The team speak English, French, Spanish and German, and understand exactly what clients need. Whether you are buying or selling property, you want to be treated as an individual. And, you want your property to matter to the agency. Listening to clients and responding quickly to every inquiry are key factors in Artaxa's success. As Paddy explains, you won't sell properties if you don't respond fast to interested parties.

Property locations are given to clients ahead of viewing

While fully understanding and working within the French system, Artaxa does things a little differently from most. French estate agents famously have a fear of gazumping, and are very reluctant to reveal anything other than the sketchiest details of a property's whereabouts to interested buyers. Artaxa, however, are happy to give the address of the property on request, so clients know not only the size and number of rooms it possesses, but also if they are happy with the location. Although there is always a chance that this practice means that a client might decide to take things into their own hands and bypass the immobiliers, in practice it rarely happens. The assistance Artaxa offers at every stage of the buying process means that clients prefer to stick with the experts!

What Artaxa Immo can offer you

The answer is pretty much everything you need as a buyer or seller of property in the region. From initial inquiries to finding a property that meets your criteria, arranging viewings and finding the right mandate. They can accompany you to legal meetings, deal with banks and signings, translate and even arrange the changeover of utilities. Everything can be taken care of.

French Inheritance Law - Artaxa Immo can help you protect your interests

Buying in France is different from in the UK. One particular complication is the somewhat antiquated French Inheritance Law. You should always make sure you've got this covered as it can cause problems, for example, if you've divorced and remarried and you have children from one or both partners. Artaxa Immo have plenty of experience of this situation and can point you in the right direction. Good advice early on can save you not only a lot of trouble, but also a lot of money.

Total support is offered throughout the property transaction

Artaxa Immo aims to give total support to clients so that every transaction is as smooth and simple as it can be. Many estate agents will find properties and arrange viewings, but they'll leave you to fend for yourself once that stage has passed. Artaxa Immo takes a totally different approach, offering support throughout the entire process. Their "Power Team", a carefully established network of professionals built up over the years, swings into action. The team provide help for everything from finding the right insurance policies to getting a mortgage.

Artaxa Immo deals with all types of property and varied budgets

The majority of properties sold tend to fall into the mid price bracket of between 100,000 Euros and 400,000 Euros. But this is something of a generalisation as Artaxa has properties right across the board. What's more, the agency has specialist personnel to deal with the different price ranges, making sure that the person who deals with your property knows the price is right from the start. All types of property can be found on Artaxa's books too. So, whether you want a new build property for easy maintenance and carefree holidays or a traditional village house, Artaxa Immo is the place to find it.

Artaxa Immo chooses French Property Links

As you'd expect from a businessman with such a professional and exacting approach, Paddy Gibbins looks for the most effective ways to advertise Artaxa's properties. That's why he chooses to advertise with French Property Links (FPL). FPL makes sure that its adverts are regularly at the top of internet searches. And, it shares Paddy's view that clear communication and a personal approach is vital. The attractive site is easy to navigate and brings in a high number of enquiries.

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