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A love affair with the Aude

Ingrid and Philippe moved to the Aude department in the Languedoc in 2002, working in the immobilier business. Having learned the trade and fallen in love with the area, they set up their own business, Audevie, in 2006. Their aim was to help others to enjoy the laid back way of life they'd come to adore. And to bask in the 300 days of sunshine the Aude is famed for! Indeed for many years, the Aude and the Corbieres Minervois areas of France were overlooked in favour of their more glamorous neighbour, Provence. But, as Ingrid explains, this part of France shares many of the attributes that make Provence so attractive. And it has its own unique glories to add, with history, heritage and natural beauty on offer. No wonder it's gaining in popularity.

Audevie keeps it personal and gets it right

Ingrid and Philippe firmly believe that good estate agents have to know their clients, their area and their properties inside out. So, instead of taking on a vast number of properties, Ingrid and Philippe research carefully to choose only the cream of the crop. Then they visit and get to know all about the properties so that when you get in touch, they'll know instantly which is the right place for you. They'll make sure to match you to the right property by asking lots of questions, and it's well worth taking the time to answer. There's nothing more disappointing than embarking on that longed for viewing trip to be shown lots of unsuitable properties. With Audevie's careful approach, this just doesn't happen.

By your side throughout

The buying or selling of property in France can seem like a daunting prospect to many non-French buyers. There's the language, for a start! Then there's all the complex paperwork, the different legal and conveyancing systems. If you're not completely fluent in French "legalese" it can be quite a headache. Fortunately, Audevie understand that this is a headache you can do without. So, they will stand by your side throughout the whole process, from your first contact to taking possession. And, sometimes, beyond! Belgians Ingrid and Philippe have an extensive knowledge of the legal side of things, speak French, English and Dutch/Flemish fluently and are happy to take care of everything. So, all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

Professional service guaranteed

And unlike many non-French who work in the immobilier trade, Ingrid has her "carte professionelle". This means you are guaranteed a truly professional service from start to finish. It's a point worth noting. When the British started buying French property in earnest, the industry saw an influx of "fly by night" agents with little or no knowledge of the business. When you consider how important and expensive buying a property abroad can be, it's good to know you're in safe hands. Audevie also work with other local agents in order to offer a broader range of property.

A popular area for holiday homes

Audevie deals with many different types of property. Some of its buyers are so taken with the area that they decide to make a full-time move and so need a permanent home. But, most popular of all are holiday homes. Being in the sunny south and with access to a glorious coastline, the area is highly sought after by holidaymakers. So, buying a property there means that not only can you use it for your own holidays, but it can also generate an income if you rent it out at other times.

What makes a perfect holiday home?

Audevie's knowledge of what makes a perfect holiday home is invaluable. After all, back in 2001, their first purchase was a holiday home! According to Ingrid, what you need to look for is a property with a good outside space (for soaking up all that sunshine!), and it must be in the right location. Holidaymakers want access to amenities they don't have to drive for miles to find. Local knowledge and expertise mean that Audevie only take the best properties onto their books. So, none of your time or money is wasted on visiting the unsuitable ones. If you're buying to rent, getting advice like this is priceless.

Google led Audevie to French Property Links

Advertising property on the internet is vital these days. Especially when that property is in France, and the buyers are in Britain or Holland! To find the best way to market her properties, Ingrid spent time on Google, looking to find the most effective partners to work with. Satisfied that French Property Links (FPL) had a powerful internet presence and was consistently at the top of the Google searches, Ingrid decided to advertise. She continues to do so, enjoying the benefits of good rates, the ability to add as many properties as she wants, and the helpful search facility.

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