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Finding your perfect property in southern Poitou-Charentes

Cabinet Charente offers a service with added smiles

When you undertake the massive task of finding, buying and moving into a property in France, you need expert help. There are, of course, plenty of experts around that you can ask to help with the process. But, wouldn't it be good if those experts were also friendly, local folk who not only guided you through the legal and financial complexities but also put you in touch with a new network of like minded people? Who offered free membership of an exclusive club that allowed people to share experiences and advice, and to make new friends? That really would be service with added smiles.

A deep knowledge of the local property market

From your first contact with Cabinet Charente Immobilier you'll be struck by the friendly, quality service. Charles Miller and his team have a first hand knowledge of the areas they cover. So, you're guaranteed the benefit of their experience. It's a team whose belief in their knowledge and their service instils confidence in their clients. Charles has his finger on the button of the local property market. He knows its real value, its strengths and weaknesses, where to buy and where to avoid. The agency has been in existence in its current form since 2006, but has roots that reach as far back as the mid seventies. That's a depth of experience and a major strength.

Experience and experiences!

Years of experience in the job mean that Charles and his team also have plenty of experiences to relate, some of which may not be what you'd expect! For example, turning up with clients to view an "empty" house, Charles surprised the owner in the process of taking a shower. As he admits, it was hard to tell who was most surprised! He also has been greeted as a "celebrity" by American tourists who had spotted him on TV in the American version of "A Place in the Sun".

An immobilier and beyond

Immobiliers, or estate agents, help you to find a suitable property. They'll show you properties from a short-list drawn up from your requirements, and advise you on the process of making an offer. With some, that's where the service stops. Others continue to hold your hand through the buying process. Once the money has changed hands, however, the majority of agents simply take their share and turn their attention to new clients. But when you're buying property in a foreign country and you don't have a great grasp of the language or the way things work, you often find you need a lot more help. That's where Cabinet Charente comes in. The team will be by your side every step of the way to help you find and buy the right property. And then their help continues.

Club Charente Immobilier

Some of the more helpful estate agents do offer some after sales help to clients, but this can be a little hit and miss. Charles and his team decided a more organised approach was called for. So they set up Club Charente Immobilier. Joining this club means that new property owners get to meet others who have also bought property in the region. They can share experiences, find answers to problems and recommend services, schools, restaurants and other essentials to each other. This is achieved through newsletters and social network sites such as Facebook. Clients get a welcome boost to a social life in their new area too. The club puts on twice yearly events which enable clients past and present to get together and enjoy picnics, craft fairs, meals out and more. When you're new to a country, it's great to meet others who've been there, done that and are wearing the T-shirt.

Charente Immobilier Property Services

Not content with their fully comprehensive sales service and popular after sales club, Charente Immobilier also offers a property services scheme for owners who aren't living in France full-time, or who use their properties as gites and holiday lets. You can simply ask for the key holding service, or take advantage of an extensive range of services that add up to full property management.

Why choose the Charente or the Charente-Maritime?

Choosing the right region of France is of paramount importance to the success of your property buying venture. The departments of the Charente and the Charente-Maritime have become home on at least a part-time basis to many British and other nationalities. The area attracts property seekers initially, perhaps, because of its incredibly low property prices. Everyone wants a bargain, and the Poitou-Charentes region offers more bargains than most. But it's not all about money. The Charente and the Charente-Maritime, Cabinet Charente's main focus, offer a superb quality of life, a very pleasant, sunny climate, glorious countryside and access to the stunning Atlantic coast. Now, in anybody's book, that's pretty close to perfect! According to Charles, the towns of Jarnac and Cognac prove consistently popular, although British buyers also love the picturesque little hamlets that lie nearby.

Cabinet Charente finds French Property Links to be a perfect partner

Charles chose to advertise his properties with international property portal French Property Links (FPL) because he wanted to increase his internet advertising and reach a global audience. He chose FPL for their attractive, easy to use site and the chance to have listings in both English and French. He feels that, as an advertiser, FPL gives him good exposure internationally, especially in the UK and France. Potential clients find the site simple to search and enjoy access to lots of useful information about the properties and the region.

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