"Coeur de la France" - A Family Business Which Puts The Client First

A property business providing a personal service and after sales back-up that is second to none

The heart of France

Adrian and Shamsiah Collett of Coeur de la France work with carefully selected French estate agents, covering the departments of Allier 03 (in the northern Auvergne) and Saone et Loire 71 (southern Burgundy). Set in this glorious and little known centre of France, Coeur de la France lives up to its name in more than one way. The area it covers is geographically the heart of France. And, the agency's commitment to helping their clients to buy in this area comes right from the heart. Adrian and Shamsiah are passionate about their home region, explaining that it is utterly unspoiled and idyllic.

A land that time forgot

Adrian and Shamsiah's love for the area comes from direct experience of owning a home there. The Allier is, in many ways, the land that time forgot. The way of life is tranquil and traditional, moving to the rhythm of the seasons and the old ways are still very much in evidence. As Adrian says, you are more likely to meet a cow on a country road than a motor car! So, if getting away from the hustle and bustle of life in the UK appeals, the Allier could be just what you're looking for. It's not over populated by ex-pats either, so retains an authentic feel.

Get to know the Allier

If you don't know the Allier, here are a few words direct from Adrian:

"This is a lovely part of France where time has almost stood still for a 100 years. It is real French farming country, with its network of small but lively market towns. The countryside consists mainly of meadows with hedgerows, woods, oak forests, rivers and lakes, with veal calves, fat cattle and sheep being the main products. The air is fresh and clean and you can often drive for miles without seeing another car. We are only a five to six hour drive from Calais and Le Havre, and two and a half hours by car or train from Paris. There are a host of things to do in the immediate surroundings, including golf, and we are only two hours from the ski slopes of the Puy de Dôme. At the centre of the area is the lovely old spa town of Bourbon l'Archambault, which was the seat of the Bourbon kings. The town is dominated by its ruined, but still impressive castle. No traffic, no graffiti, no muggings, no break-ins, and amongst the lowest rates of Taxe d'habitation and Taxe Fonciere (equivalent of Council Tax) in France. What more could you want? If you don't know it, come and have a look. You will love it."

Being multi-lingual in rural central France is a bonus

Of course, one of the biggest problems encountered by Brits and other foreigners moving to France is the language barrier. It can be pretty scary signing legal documents if you don't have a proper understanding of what they say. And, while you'll find plenty of English language speakers in Paris, rural central France is a very different cup of tea. So, it's essential to have someone on your side who speaks both French and English, as do Adrian and Shamsiah. And, should you happen to prefer to converse in Malay, they can do that too!

A family business that keeps it personal

Being a family business helps Coeur de la France work on a very personal level. When you deal with them, you are dealing direct with the owners, not with employees who are all too often more interested in the commission than your needs. The business ethos is wholly client orientated, and Adrian and Shamsiah take care to only work with French agents who share that ethos. Their French partners in Auvergne and Burgundy are as honest and dedicated as Adrian and Shamsiah themselves.

After sales service is second to none

This personal service extends far beyond just finding your perfect property. Coeur de la France and their French partners will give you all the help you need throughout the sale process and beyond. They'll make sure you have no problems connecting to utilities, opening bank accounts, finding reliable trades people and even understanding your important mail! In fact, as Adrian says, many clients still turn to them for help, years after moving in, and some have become personal friends. But, it is important to stress that this personal service and after sales back-up doesn't cost a Euro more, as the normal French agent's commission is shared with Coeur de la France.

A successful conclusion to a fifteen year search

Not everyone finds it easy to locate their ideal property. Adrian and Shamsiah know that when you don't live in the country you are seeking property in, it can be tough. That's why they go beyond the call of duty to help. Last year, clients who were staying in their gite explained that they'd been searching for a home in France for fifteen years, without success. But during their visit they fell in love with the Allier. On their return to the area this year they were delighted to find, with the help of one of the French agencies that Coeur de la France work with, that elusive dream home. As a result, they are about to take possession of a magnificent Bourbonnaise house with beautiful outbuildings and five hectares of land. And, as they have all now become firm friends, you can bet the new home owners will be celebrating alongside Adrian and Shamsiah!

Coeur de la France and French Property Links have a productive relationship

In the early days, Adrian explains that most of his advertising was done in magazines and newspapers. The advent of the internet changed all that. Getting used to internet advertising was a little daunting, but Coeur de la France turned to property portal French Property Links for help. The relationship has proved to be a highly successful one, and looks set to be so for years to come. Adrian says he likes the friendly service, excellent leads and fast response to requests for help and information.

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