"Foncière Charentaise" - A Professional Approach to Finding your Home in the Poitou-Charentes

From finding the perfect property to translating the small print, Foncière Charentaise offers a complete service for buyers and sellers

A French agency with a very British approach

Foncière Charentaise has been operating in the Poitou-Charentes region of France for the last twelve years. A French owned agency with a deep knowledge of French customs and laws, Foncière Charentaise nevertheless also offers an understanding of what British people need when they go house hunting in France.

A friendly bi-lingual service

Foncière Charentaise offers a bi-lingual service which is invaluable for British home seekers whose French may be a little rusty. So, if you're struggling to understand the small print on those official documents that the French have such a fondness for, the agency's staff can solve the problem. It's all part of a complete service that makes the process of establishing a new home in France not just painless, but enjoyable. From your first enquiry to anything you need after completion, you can rely on the agency to smooth the way.

Professional and reliable

Foncière Charentaise takes pride in its professionalism. Tony Hinsley, an Englishman who has been with the agency for over eight years, explains:

"Foncière Charentaise has a wealth of experience gained through many years in the business. When an area becomes popular with British buyers, there will always be a rush of new agencies opening up, often run by people with little experience of the job, or of the area. What we do is combine our experience and knowledge with attention to detail. We offer a truly professional service."

Two different offices, two distinctly different towns

Foncière Charentaise has two offices. There's one in Angoulême, the busy capital of the department, and another in the quiet little market town of Aigre. So, however you view your future French lifestyle, you can find the office and the area to suit.

The vibrant city of Angoulême offers cosmopolitan living

Angoulême is the principal town of the Charente department, and this is where the largest office of Foncière Charentaise is found. Angoulême is always popular, and appeals to both the French and the British. It's an historic cathedral city that offers not just a stunning heritage, but also a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere. This is thanks, in part, to its university, but also to it being an important hub for business. Many of the agency's French clients move to Angoulême to work, sometimes for short periods of time. So, in addition to property sales in and around Angoulême, Foncière Charentaise also deals with the rental market.

Choose the market town of Aigre for a peaceful life

The second of Foncière Charentaise's offices is situated in the market town of Aigre. Smaller and quieter than Angoulême, Aigre and its picturesque, rural surroundings offer the perfect foil to the bustle of Angoulême. Aigre is superbly positioned to appeal to British buyers with its traditional feel, its weekly markets and essential shops and services. Many of the agency's British clients are moving to France to retire or to take early retirement. As Tony understands, a successful move at this stage of life is more likely if ex-pats are not too far away from amenities such as those Aigre offers, which are shops, restaurants, health services and other ex-pats!

From ruins to manors

Foncière Charentaise deals with all types of properties. So, whether you're looking to buy a small, tumbledown property to renovate for less than 20,000 Euros or a palatial residence at 1,000,000 Euros, Tony and his colleagues will be happy to help. In Angoulême, city centre apartments are popular. But, in either location there is property to suit any requirements. And, if you've got a property to sell in this area, the local knowledge of the Foncière Charentaise team will give you an informed valuation and help you find the right buyer.

Great property bargains in the Charente in 2012

There's been a certain concern, in the last year or so, among property buyers. La Crise (the economic crisis) has caused property prices to drop, or at least to stagnate. Then there's been the worry over the Euro zone. However, British buyers are once again flocking to France, and while the prices are still low, the market is buoyant. French property still represents a good investment, according to Tony Hinsley. The British may have less cash to splash, but they can still spot a good deal when they see one. And Tony believes the market has now stabilised and may even be on a gradual upward curve. It's a great time to buy your own little piece of France.

Foncière Charentaise finds French Property Links top of the portals

Tony Hinsley had advertised with French Property Links (FPL) before he came to work for Foncière Charentaise, and so was aware of the portal's excellent position in the search engines and its success in generating business. As a part of his professional approach, Tony monitors the performance of various property portals, and reports that FPL is consistently one of the best. He also likes the fact that FPL is user friendly for both buyers and agents. And, technical support, if needed, is always on hand. Experience has shown that FPL is one of the best known property portals among British buyers and Foncière Charantaise continue to enjoy great results from their adverts.

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