"GP Immo" - A Friendly Agency Helping you Settle in the West of France

Lynn Wright is an "agent commercial" for GP Immo, offering a down to earth and targeted approach to finding your perfect property in western France

"Listen first, speak later" is Lynn's motto

If you ask Lynn what's the most important job of a property agent, she'll tell you it all comes down to listening to the client. "Forget about bombarding clients with all the properties on your books" says Lynn. "The first thing to do is to really listen to what your client is saying. They may not know exactly what they want at first, but if you let them talk about their likes and dislikes, you'll get a good idea of what will suit them. That way, you can target the search to properties that actually fit their requirements." Lynn also explains that honesty is vital. "If they want a quiet country retreat, it's no good omitting to tell them that a property they like the look of is next to a busy main road! You'd just be wasting everybody's time."

Keeping updated is good practice

Another element of good practice employed by Lynn is regular updating of the website and the properties she advertises. Her own experience of looking for property in France showed just how important this is. "I travelled all the way from the north-east of England to south-west France only to find that the property I had gone to see had already been sold... quite some time before my enquiry! It happens, if you aren't on the ball, because in France a lot of properties are placed for sale with several agents. This can be devastating for potential buyers who have gone to considerable trouble and expense to arrange their viewing trips, and I won't let it happen to any of my clients," she says. "All my properties are updated regularly, so you can be sure if it's advertised, it's for sale."

Why western France is a winning area

The area Lynn covers includes the Charente, the Charente-Maritime, the Gironde and the Dordogne. It's a fabulous part of France that has long attracted British buyers with its many charms. The climate is lovely, to start with. The Charente-Maritime has a micro climate that makes it one of the sunniest departments in France, on a par with the Mediterranean regions! There's easy access to the wine city and vineyards of Bordeaux or to the lively resorts and great beaches of the Atlantic coast. Then there are the well documented charms of the famous Dordogne, so beloved of the British that it's known as Little England. Lynn herself lives in Montguyon, which she describes as a typical French market town. It's just the sort of place that a large number of Lynn's clients describe as their ideal location. There are local shops and amenities, an atmospheric traditional market, and endless opportunities for leisure activities. And, despite the very reasonable property prices, the sea is only an hour away.

Smoothing the path

Lynn goes to a lot of trouble to make sure that she makes everything easy for clients. She'll help arrange your travel and accompany you to viewings, even at the weekend. She'll also explain the whole buying process, which can be a bit more complex in France than the UK if you're not used to it. Even after the sale is completed, Lynn is happy to help you find the services you need to smooth your path to happy French living. Finding good local artisans for renovation work can be hard when you're new to an area and you don't speak the language fluently, but Lynn can put you in touch with the best. And with so many British buyers still choosing properties to renovate, it's a much appreciated service!

It's a wonderful life...

Lynn loves her life in France, and her job working for GP Immo. But, as she points out, she gets to do some pretty strange things in the course of duty at times! She's had to inspect properties from a trailer dragged by a tractor, and had to hang on for dear life on the back of a speeding quad bike. The lifestyle of an agent commercial in rural France is more "shake, rattle and roll" than "rock 'n' roll glamour"! She's also been woken at 7.30am by a client wanting to know how to find a local locksmith... but it's all part of the job. And it's worth it when clients call back to say how happy they are with their new homes.

Lynn gets lots of leads from French Property Links

Lynn decided to advertise with French Property Links (FPL) after discovering that the property portal is always highly placed on the Google rankings. Lynn also likes the fact that it's easy to update her adverts, which is important to her integrity as an agent. And, she says the response is as good as she hoped, with FPL sending plenty of interested clients to her and GP Immo.

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