"JM Le Meur Immobiliere" - offering a complete bi-lingual property service in Brittany

A highly specialised and knowledgeable agency with a refreshing attitude to fees and commission

JM Le Meur Immobiliere - Entente Cordiale all the way

Jean-Marie Le Meur and Doug Sealy decided to work together just over eight years ago, with Doug working as an independent property advisor alongside the estate agency JM Le Meur Immobiliere. With the British having long held a great love of France, and many hundreds of property buyers flocking to France every year, the two men realised that they could offer a much needed service. Both are bi-lingual, but while Jean-Marie has a deep seated understanding of how the French clients think and want to be treated, Doug is able to offer the same understanding of the British. It's an Entente Cordiale in every sense.

Covering all aspects of property purchase

JM Le Meur Immobiliere prides itself on offering a complete package. Unlike with some agencies, the two men don't stop at helping you to find your ideal property. They don't even stop at talking you through the sale with all the paperwork and legal complexities that this can entail. They really will take you through the entire process. Whether you need to be speaking in English or French, or translating from one language to the other, Jean-Marie and Doug will be there to make sure that the process is not just painless, but enjoyable.

Keeping it small and special in the Côtes-d'Armor

JM Le Meur Immobiliere deals mainly with properties located in central Brittany, right in the heart of the region. Centred in the Côtes-d'Armor department, one of the most popular parts of Brittany, Jean-Marie and Doug choose to keep largely to a radius of 30 miles around their office in Corlay. Keeping to a relatively small geographical area means that they know every inch of their territory and can thus offer you a highly specialised and knowledgeable service. They do occasionally deal with properties a little outside this radius, but only in exceptional circumstances. From your first contact with Jean-Marie or Doug, you'll see that Brittany isn't just home to them, it's their passion. And once they start showing you around, you'll understand why.

Local knowledge and local links

Both men know their area thoroughly. This is vital to the service they provide, as not only can they direct you to the best properties in the right locality for you, they know what the towns and villages in their region have to offer. They also have links with local artisans who can be relied on to provide reliable work, and they even know which schools are likely to suit your children, should you have them. This sort of knowledge is invaluable, and can only be found in agents who operate within an area close to their homes and hearts.

Keeping your costs low

There can't be a single property buyer or seller these days who isn't keen to keep costs as low as possible. However, in France, many estate agents charge very high fees and commission, and British buyers in particular find this off putting. So it's more than refreshing to find that JM Le Meur Immobiliere have made a pledge to charge no more than 6%. Further, they have capped their fees at 12,000 Euros on properties that sell for more than 200,000 Euros. In these hard pressed times, that's a massive relief. It's also another reason why the agency is currently enjoying such success in a market where others are struggling.

Why the Brits and the French all love Brittany

If there is one region of France that is loved equally by the French and the British alike, it's beautiful Brittany. It's a stunning region, bordered by glorious countryside and stunning seaside. The towns and cities brim with heritage. And, it's got a unique culture that has a universal appeal. Central Brittany is also packed full of great tourist attractions, ones you don't have to be a tourist to enjoy! Whether you own a holiday property or live in the area full-time, you're guaranteed never to be at a loss for something to do. There are historic towns like mediaeval Dinan to visit, or fabulous leisure lakes like Lac de Guerlédan, where you can spend endless summer days sailing, swimming, picnicking and much more. What's more, although Brittany lies in northern France, the region benefits from the Gulf Stream climatic effect, and so experiences a mild, pleasant climate. What's not to love?

A wide range of properties

Doug explains that the agency always keeps a wide range of properties on its books. He understands that no two clients have the same requirements, nor the same budgets, and is keen to be sure to cater for everyone. JM Le Meur Immobiliere likes to keep up with the changing times too. It knows that what British buyers were seeking back in 2005, may not be what they are looking for in 2013. And, the same is true of French buyers. But, whether you're dreaming of a stone ruin to renovate, a stunning longère, a modern Neo Breton residence or a neat village house that is ready to move into, Jean-Marie and Doug will try to show it to you. What's more, if it isn't already on their books, they'll pull out all the stops to find it.

Adventures of an estate agent in Brittany

Doug loves his job, but he's quick to point out that though the rewards are great, it's not all plain sailing. He's had to explain to clients that buying a property in France can't be done on the spot with a pocketful of cash, no matter how big your pockets are! He's also been bitten by dogs when inspecting a property, lost his mobile phone down a well, taken clients to view an "empty" house that was actually being used for a romantic assignation by a courting couple, and been chased by a flock of geese who seemed very angry that their peaceful existence was being disturbed! All of that notwithstanding, Doug says that it's worth every minute to watch people settling into their new lives in this lovely region, and to know that he's been an important part of this.

JM Le Meur Immobiliere and French Property Links agree that excellent service gets good results

JM Le Meur Immobiliere and international property portal French Property Links (FPL) agree that it is a combination of excellent customer service and a canny use of technology that keeps them ahead of the game. JM Le Meur Immobiliere like advertising with FPL because of the excellent leads generated by FPL's strong internet presence. The two companies also share an ethos of good customer service and communication. Doug adds that he loves FPL's new look site and the fact that the site is also available in French, making access easy for their French-speaking clients too.

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