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The latest technology makes it easy to find your dream Alpine property

Pastures Greener - a pro-active personalised service

Carrie Smith founded her estate agency, Pastures Greener, in 2007. Using her experience of working for a large immobilier and of living in the Haute-Savoie, she's created a thoroughly professional agency that offers a personalised service to all clients. Moreover, Carrie doesn't take the time-honoured approach of sitting back and waiting for business. She uses the best of modern technology (the internet, videos and smart phones) to find the best properties and to offer clients a top notch service.

Reaching international buyers

Carrie realised early on in her work in the French estate agency business that clever marketing is what makes the difference between success and failure. Unlike her competitors, she uses a marketing driven approach that grabs the attention of prospective clients, wherever they may live. Carrie explains that the estate agency business of today is largely internet driven. So, if your properties aren't out there on the World Wide Web, you're missing out on buyers. This is even more true when you're talking about international property sales, where potential buyers live thousands of miles from the place they want to buy.

The appliance of technology

There's an "App" for everything these days, and Carrie is in the process of developing an app that allows clients to search for property on their mobile phones. "Keeping up with technology to offer people what they want is vital" she says. She also offers clients videos of property sent from mobile phone to mobile phone. Thus she ensures clients get a really vivid picture enabling them to make an informed decision to visit or not.

Clever budgeting

Like all businesses today, Pastures Greener has to make the budget work for itself. No one has endless amounts of cash to spend in 2012! So, Carrie spends most of her budget on internet marketing to ensure maximum exposure. Clients are happy - buyers can find properties more easily, and sellers know that they've got the best chance of reaching a buyer. Carrie keeps the rest of her costs low by operating the estate agency from home, via the net. But, mindful of clients' needs as ever, she's also currently setting up an office where clients can drop in for face to face advice.

Understanding clients' needs

Carrie points out that she understands her clients' needs better than most, as she has really been there and done it. She and her colleagues really have walked a mile in your shoes! They know what it's like to look for property in the Haute-Savoie. They understand the frustrations of being shown unsuitable properties and making time wasting viewing trips from the UK. And, they know just how tough it can be to get to grips with the language and the local customs. So, when you deal with Pastures Greener, it's comforting to know that potential difficulties are dispensed with from the word "go".

Pastures Greener smooths the way

Carrie and her team make it easy for you to buy or sell your property through Pastures Greener. They take out the legwork, leaving you to enjoy the process. After all, it should be enjoyable, finding your dream home in this stunning part of France! From the moment you get in touch, Carrie will do all she can to help you. She'll find you really suitable properties, suggest great locations, arrange your viewing trips, guide you through the legal paperwork and break down the language barrier. Her established and trusted network of contacts can show you how to find craftsmen, schools for the kids or just show you the best bars to go to for that après ski entertainment! Whatever you need, before, during or after the sale, Pastures Greener will smooth the way.

Great location = safe investment

Everyone is aware that these are difficult times, economically. So, if you decide to buy property in France, you need to be sure you are making a wise investment. Carrie advises you to choose your location carefully. She explains:

"In the current economic climate Morzine is the most popular, closely followed by Les Gets. At the moment, people need safe investments and in these places they can achieve both good rental returns and strong resale prices."

Quality of life in the Alps

In addition to the financial benefits, people want to own property in the Haute-Savoie for other reasons too. Of course, it's one of France's most beautiful regions. The soaring mountains, the clear air, the snow, the skiing, the après ski... and then there's the rich gastronomy and the vibrant culture to consider. All in all, it's a very attractive picture and no surprise that so many Brits want a part of it. Pastures Greener mainly covers the Porte du Soleil ski area, but can deal with the marketing of properties throughout France.

Why keep a door handle in your handbag?

OK, it's a strange question, but one that Carrie Smith can certainly answer.

"As an estate agent, I have to visit many properties, some of which are not lived in at the time. In the course of this duty, I've been locked out, locked in and had to climb up planks of wood and through windows to access properties! My greatest fear is that a door swings shut behind me in an empty property and I am locked in. A lot of empty or new build apartments have no door handles on, so it's a real possibility. These days, I always keep a spare handle in my handbag!"

Pastures Greener and French Property Links are natural partners

Carrie chose to advertise with French Property Links (FPL) after hearing good reports about the internet property portal through friends. She discovered that FPL and Pastures Greener made a natural partnership, sharing an understanding of the importance of internet marketing in the modern world. "FPL offers excellent exposure and brings quality enquiries" Carrie says. "The website is attractive and well laid out, and ranks highly on search engines. It works for me!"

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