"RMP Immobilier" - Helping You Make Informed Property Choices in the French Alps

A well-established agency offering a straightforward, honest approach to buying and selling alpine property

RMP Immobilier offers a friendly, calm approach

RMP Immobilier has more than 40 years of experience in the property market in the French Alps. And as Sarah Denney, of RMP Immobilier, has discovered over the years, it doesn't pay for the agency to push clients to buy certain properties. If you've ever had contact with an agency that does take this more aggressive approach, you'll find RMP's attitude a great relief. Success in the property market in this region comes, Sarah believes, from trusting the client to know what they want. So, RMP listens to you, very attentively, then equips you with the information you need to find that dream home in the Alps. RMP won't send you to properties that don't meet your requirements just because they are on their books.

RMP helps you sell as well as buy property

It doesn't matter whether you want to buy or to sell your property. RMP takes the same straightforward, honest approach to help you achieve success. When you first make contact with the agency, you'll find a friendly, informed bi-lingual agent who's ready to assist you with anything you need. If you're selling, you'll be given an accurate and realistic valuation of your property, along with the marketing expertise that makes all the difference. If you're buying, your agent will listen carefully to discover exactly what sort of property (and location!) you want. He/she will sift through the properties on the agency's books and accompany you to viewings. But, there's no pressure. RMP believes that clients who take their time make the best decisions. Unlike some agencies, RMP isn't looking to make sales at any cost to its clients. What it wants is happy clients, which is why it has established such a great reputation!

All the help you need - before, during and after the sale!

The advantage of working with an immobilier that's been in the business and the area for so many years, is that the agency's knowledge is unsurpassed. So, when you begin your search, RMP will be able to guide you to the best properties, even the ones that no one else knows about yet! The members of the team know who's thinking of selling, and they know all the ins and outs of each corner of their area. During the buying process, bi-lingual agents are on hand to translate, to help you understand and cope with the legal stuff and to keep the whole experience pleasant and stress free. Then, after the ink's dry on the contracts and you're moving in, they'll help you to find reliable local artisans for renovation works, cleaners to prepare your home for your visits and even help you to rent it out if you wish. It's a service that goes on and on!

A glorious corner of the Alps

The main areas covered by RMP are the Bozel Valley, located at the foot of Courchevel / Three Valleys ski area, and Champagny en Vanoise, linked to the La Plagne / Paradiski ski area. Both are well established in popularity, yet set in unspoiled, stunning scenery. Top ski resorts are on hand and easily accessed, so your winter holidays are sorted from a base here. But, Bozel and Champagny don't lose their charms in summer. Ideal for lakes and mountains holidays, you can enjoy swimming, walking, wildlife spotting and sight seeing. So, if you want to rent out your property it doesn't matter what season you decide upon. Rental values are good, and demand constant. It's easy to get to the Savoie these days too. Planes, trains and motorways make travel efficient and simple.

Something for everyone

While the Alps have a reputation for being an expensive place for property, RMP insists that you don't have to be a millionaire to get into the property market. With the RMP team's guidance you can find a place to suit your budget, even if it's a budget that's well under 100,000 Euros. They understand that these are tough economic times for many, but they're confident that they can help. Of course, RMP also has properties at the luxury end of the market, so if you've got a bit more to spend, the team can show you some dream properties.

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With all its experience of the property business, RMP chooses to advertise with the well-established property portal, French Property Links (FPL). It selected FPL for its constant internet presence, its high placing on search engines and its no nonsense, easy to use website. With low advertising costs, a friendly service and good leads, they also find FPL great value for money.

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