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An agency with an international approach offering the complete property package

From King's Cross to all of France - Sextant France turns dreams into reality

Sextant France was founded by company directors Matthieu Cany and Brice Bonato nearly ten years ago. Now ideally located in King's Cross, it's conveniently close to the Eurostar terminal, so French people and Francophiles alike can easily pop in to discuss property needs. From your first enquiry about property in France, through the process of finding the ideal location, then the perfect property, and finally to moving in, the team at Sextant France will help and guide you. Their in house mortgage service can turn dreams to reality with the minimum of stress. With tried and trusted agents in every region of France, Sextant will listen to your requirements, lead you through the searching process and be there to smooth the way - every step of the way. The agency deals with sales too, so if you've decided it's time to sell your French property, there's no better team to handle it.

Local and linguistic expertise

The Sextant team in London is fully bilingual, so there are no awkward language problems to worry about. And the team's links with estate agents and other property professionals all over France, means that once you arrive in France you know you are in safe hands. Partner agents are vetted and handpicked, none but the best will do! It's also good to know that once your offer on a property has been accepted, you can rely on Sextant to put you in touch with an English speaking Notaire. That way, you know exactly what's happening, every step of the way. That's peace of mind, when you are dealing with a complex and unfamiliar legal system.

First, choose your region

France is a vast and diverse country, and it's important to choose the area that's right for you. The Sextant team can give you valuable insights into all the different regions, and follow this up by helping to arrange visits, meetings with local agents and viewings. This makes the agency somewhat unique, as the majority of agents deal only with property in certain regions or departments. Sextant deals only with agents who are experts in their own areas, and who are passionate about the places where they offer property. So they can not only advise you whereabouts in their region will suit you best, but also put you in touch with local tradespeople, services and even with other ex-pats for camaraderie.

Sextant France treats clients as individuals, not just clients

Catherine Ryall explains: "Just as no two towns in France are the same, we know that each buyer is an individual. We aim to have the perfect property for each client, assisting individuals and investors from all over the world in the purchase of a property in France, whether it be a holiday home, a home for a permanent move or an investment. Everybody's needs are different. For example, if you are looking for an investment property, we might advise you to consider the Alps, Paris or the Riviera. But, if you want a holiday home with land and the possibility to create gites, all for a reasonable cost, areas like Poitou-Charentes or the Limousin could be ideal for you."

Where's hot, right now

You may already have fallen in love with a certain region or department of France, and be focussing your search right there. That's no problem, Sextant's expert team can put you in touch with the right people to realise your dream. But, if you aren't quite sure where to look, Catherine has this advice for you. "If you are looking for inexpensive property for holidays, or maybe a permanent move to a new life in France, the most popular areas are Poitou-Charentes, the Languedoc and the Limousin. Interest in these areas is on the increase at the moment. And there are some very exciting properties on the books, especially in Poitou-Charentes. Many of our clients hope to find a warmer climate, and Poitou-Charentes offers this with the added benefit of not being too far south for travelling. Its micro climate makes it the second warmest region in France!"

Offering that extra help makes the difference

Sextant is about so much more than just finding and selling properties. When it comes to languages spoken, the London team can converse in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish! Then along with its partners in France, there is also Dutch, Russian, Danish, Turkish and Arabic, so wherever you come from, you are unlikely to be lost for words. A truly international approach and a truly international service bring French property within the grasp of a global clientele. And, more than just helping with language barriers, Sextant offers a very complete service. In house mortgage provision makes finding the cash you need easy. And, with the ability to search for the very best provider, you can be assured of the very best deals. Sextant is also an expert in the investment market. The agency can find you leaseback properties that really suit your requirements, and have the up to date knowledge to make certain that your investment works hard for you.

Tales from France

During their years of experience in France, the Sextant team have had some less than usual situations to deal with from time to time! While showing a client the unconverted attic space of a property, the trap door through which they'd entered swung shut, trapping agent and client. A good half an hour of frantic knocking on the walls and shouting ensued, until a neighbouring builder was finally alerted to their plight!

On another occasion, an agent visited a property after prior arrangement with the owner. The owner had assured the agent that the property would be empty and ready to view. On entering, the agent was a little surprised to find dirty plates on the kitchen table, and a number of piles of clothes littering the floor. As they continued the viewing, noises were heard from the upper story, shortly followed by a rather red faced man in his underwear! A simple case of miscommunication between the married couple who owned the property meant that the poor husband hadn't been informed of the impending visit. Such things and many more can make an estate agent's life interesting, to say the least!

Sextant France and French Property Links - working together for you

When Sextant France decided to seek an online partner, it took a look at French Property Links. Impressed by the efficiency, professionalism and the wide, targeted market reached, it decided to place its adverts with the property portal. Catherine says she also likes the user friendly site, which attracts clients and aids advertisers alike. It's a partnership that's working well, and looking to the future for even more success.

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