Real estate investment in residence ehpad with a current annual rent of 4843.12E HT

PRICE: EUR €88,000

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Estate Agent: Sextant France
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Real estate investment in residence ehpad with an annual rent of 4,843.12 and a profitability of 5.50% in Marseille. The Madeleine Remuzat Clinic is a post-acute care and rehabilitation facility specializing in the management of conditions for polypathological elderly people over 75 years old. It is a modern hotel in the heart of Marseille which benefits from a level of medical and hotel comfort.

Property features:
Flat or apartment
Real estate investment in residence ehpad with a current annual rent of 4843.12E HT
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Property Details:

For sale, we offer a studio apartment, located on the 3rd floor, including an entrance, a room with kitchenette, a bathroom with toilet. Invest without the rental worries. Guaranteed rent whatever the occupancy rate. Invest and create income net of tax thanks to the taxis of the LMNP (non-professional furniture rental). The LMNP (Non Commercial Furniture Rental) is a tax status that allows an individual to build a property portfolio guaranteeing a steady income, under extremely advantageous legal and tax conditions. Thanks to the LMNP, you rent an apartment or a house located in a residence of services (residences for tourists, for businessmen, for students or even for the elderly) and you assure you the complementary resources not taxable for the future. In addition to building up real estate assets, the LMNP allows you to save for your retirement and protect your family from need, because in the event of death or disability, the loan insurance reimburses the current credit and your loved ones can directly collect the income from this property. Marseilles is a city that only really opened up to tourism at the very end of the twentieth century. Marseille is the 'oldest city in France' and indeed one of the oldest in western Europe. Located near the mouth of the Rhone - the greatest natural corridor between the Mediterranean and the lands to the north, it has long been one of the most important, when not the most important, port in France a role that explains its importance and its size, as France's third largest urban area, to this day. Fort Saint JeanFort Saint Jean from the top of King René's tower. The paradox with Marseille is that although it stands proudly beside the Mediterranean, it is not a seaside resort. The gentler and flatter coast northwest of the city is occupied by the docks, and southwards from the 'Old Port', the seashore is rocky, with no beaches until the Plage du Prado, 6 km further south. So it's not a place to visit if the aim of the trip is solely or mainly to enjoy the beach. The shoreline and the waterside ambiance, yes but the beach, no. For a day-trip or a weekend break or short stay, Marseilles is an ideal destination, specially during those times of the year when it tends to be bathed in Mediterranean sunshine while much of France further north is still struggling with spring or dampened by autumn mists and showers. And getting to the tourist quarter of Marseille around the Old Port is remarkably easy. Click the blue MAKE ENQUIRY button and enter your details to receive more information about this property and to be put in touch directly with our local agent, Thomas Ringwald.

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