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Private Property Sales in France

Find out all about selling French property privately (without an estate agent)

Selling property privately in France

When you come to sell your French property, you can choose whether you want to use one or more estate agents, or whether you prefer to go it alone and sell privately. In the past, most British people have tended to use estate agents, as this is very much the norm in the UK. But, the French have always had a penchant for selling privately. Perhaps because estate agents in France (immobiliers) charge very high commission fees, anywhere from 4% to 15% of the sale price! About 40% of property sales in France are completed without recourse to estate agents. So, if you have a French property to sell, it could be worth your while looking at the way it's often done in France.

How to go about selling your French property privately

Firstly, there is no obligation to engage an estate agent at all. However, if you decide to sell privately, you do have to give it a little thought. You'll need to establish a price first. You can get estimates from agents, but they may charge if they know that you don't plan to use their services to sell the property. Or you can do some research by looking at what else is for sale in your area and pricing similar types of property. It's often best to choose your price by the price other properties have actually sold for rather than the asking price, as sellers frequently reduce the price before a sale is agreed. In France you can use property magazines to find similar properties. These can be picked up from baskets in supermarkets and outside immobilier shops for free. Or, you can go online and get a wider idea of prices and types of property for sale in France.

The advantages of selling privately - no commission fees

Selling property privately, without the services of an estate agent, can save you money. With no estate agent commission fees you can price the property realistically and both buyer and seller benefit. As although these commission fees are often passed on to the buyer, it can mean your property is put onto the market at an inflated price to take these fees into account. Apart from the buyer then paying a higher price than if he bought privately, this might also reduce the interest generated in the property at the higher price. You do need to advertise the property effectively though, so again, do your homework to find the most effective ways to do this. These days, many prospective buyers go online to search for property. So, by advertising on the internet, you can reach a huge number of interested parties. Buyers prefer the internet as that way they have access to a far greater number of properties and can compare properties and prices before they make an expensive trip to France for viewings.

How French Property Links and Agent Immobilier France can help you to sell your property privately

French Property Links and its sister French Language site, Agent Immobilier France, can help you to successfully market and sell your French property. The site is easy to navigate, and showcases property from all over France. Users can search by region, by department or by town, and the site attracts buyers from all over the world. There are useful guides to the different regions, departments and towns too, so buyers can research the areas they are most interested in. All of this helps to sell your property. And of course there is one huge benefit to using French Property Links and Agent Immobilier France. This is that they are not estate agents, so there are no estate agent commission fees to pay.

Top search engine positions

French Property Links and Agent Immobilier France regularly come to the top of the search engines, so your advert will get great exposure. In fact, if you aren't satisfied with the response you get from your advert, you can claim your money back. You can choose a standard advert, for just £39.99, or a premier advert for £54.99. And, you get a minimum of six months worth of adverts, though most properties sell far faster. You can find out more about the services provided and how to go about placing your advert by using this link:

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