Property in France - Getting More Info

How you should proceed, once you have found a property you like

Finding your dream property in France

You've discovered the property that has everything to fulfil your dreams. With it comes the sense of excitement and impatience at wanting to find out more. But, there may also be fear of the risk of losing it to someone else who has also seen it.

Contact the sellers

Firstly, don't panic! It is easy to let the seller know that you are interested in the property and would like further details. Just use the link we provide on the advert. And once you have used the link, be a little patient and give the estate agents and private property sellers time to answer. Most will reply within a few days. And bear in mind, that it is the estate agents and private property sellers who hold the details of properties, not us at French Property Links. We just run the website. Contacting French Property Links directly to get details on properties will not fast track the system!

Contacting French estate agents

If you are interested in a property that is being sold by an estate agent, there are two simple forms to fill in that will help the estate agent to help you. You get to these by using the link provided on the advert. You can even tell them that you want to make a visit and when. By giving the agent as much information as possible, you can then receive the fullest of advice. Also when you give your details clearly and fully the agent will recognise you as a serious potential buyer.

Contact details

But be careful! Simple mistakes in the contact information you give can make it impossible for you to be contacted. If this happens, you could end up losing your dream home in France! So make sure that such information as telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses have been accurately entered. The estate agent can then contact you and give you the information you need to contact them directly in the future.

Contact the private seller

With private property sellers it is just as simple. On each advert there is an email link for sending your enquiry directly to the private property seller. Most of them are happy to receive phone enquiries so they may also provide us with their contact number, which we then also display on the advert. So, it couldn't be easier to take the first step along the road to buying your home in France.

Viewing a property in France

However, if you want to make this journey both enjoyable and a success, it is important to plan ahead and not to leave things to the last minute. Estate agents and private property sellers will need notice to arrange a visit. So if you want to see a property, contact the estate agent or private property seller through the site, allowing ample time for this viewing to be arranged. (We here at French Property Links are unable to arrange visits. It is not what we do. It is the estate agents and private property sellers who sell and arrange viewings of properties. Our job is to advertise and provide you with useful information that will help you make your choice on where and how to make your move to France.)

Arranging a viewing with an estate agent in France

In France, if your dream property is up for sale with an estate agent, it is virtually impossible not to be accompanied by that estate agent when viewing the property. Estate agents will insist on accompanying you round their properties, and will usually also take you there. This means that their diaries are often planned well in advance. So, if you want to see a property, talk to or email the estate agent about it as soon as possible. Above all, don't get frustrated… and plan early!

French dreams

So, good hunting and have fun in making your dream in France come true. But remember - don't panic… plan ahead… be patient… be careful to enter your details correctly!

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