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Deep in the heart of the Cathar country, the Aude lies in the Languedoc-Roussillon on the edge of the Pyrenees. Within the department there are a wide variety of landscapes. Vast areas are devoted to wheat fields and vineyards. Hikers and those with a keen sense of adventure will love the mountains and deep forests that are scattered throughout the area. The Black Mountain in the north of the Aude reaches 1210m in height. If you'd prefer a more relaxing stay in the Aude, the department has 50km of Mediterranean coastline. There is certainly something for everyone here.

Where to visit

The city of Carcassonne is the Aude's most proud possession. The medieval town, which was the inspiration for 'The Sleeping Beauty', boasts an incredible 52 towers and 2 enormous ramparts. A stroll around the city's old town reveals many memorable views. The historical city of Narbonne is another favourite.

Packed with history

The Aude's large number of castles are a reminder of its Cathar history. Near the village of Cucugnan you will find a citadel called Queribus where the Cathars made their last stand. The most impressive citadel is Peyrepertuse, which has 2.5km of ramparts.

Exploring the leisurely way

The Midi Canal, which flows through the department, is an incredible feat of construction. It took 12,000 men working for 14 years to complete it in the 17th century. It runs from Toulouse to Thau, passing through Carcassonne. The canal is an incredible 240km in length and has 64 locks, 55 aquaducts, 126 bridges and 7 canal bridges. Nowadays, it is used most by the tourist industry and is a great way to explore the region whilst admiring the landscape.

It just wouldn't be the Aude without a Cassoulet

The Aude is very proud of its local cuisine and specifically the cassoulet. Castelnaudary is considered the world capital of this particular dish. There are very strict rules over what constitutes a cassoulet - most importantly, all the ingredients must come from the Aude.

How to get there

Carcassonne has its own international airport, as well as a TGV train station, so travelling to the Aude is easy. The city has regular flights from Ryanair. Béziers and Perpignan airports may also be viable options, depending on where in the Aude you want to go.

Aude property prices

Languedoc-Roussillon is an expensive place in which to buy property yet the Aude is generally slightly cheaper than average. However, the major cities, especially Carcassonne, are particularly expensive. The rental market is fairly stable.

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