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A town of wine and sunshine

The town of Lézignan-Corbières (or Lezignan Corbieres), in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, is said to be blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Summers here are long and hot, and perfect for working up a thirst for the excellent locally produced wine from the extensive Corbières vineyards that surround the town. Wine flows through the veins of this region like lifeblood, and although you will see modern equipment being used to care for the vines these days, the life of the community is still as bound up with the vineyards as it was hundreds of years ago. Lézignan-Corbières boasts the longest established co-operative wine cave in the Aude, and there is also a fascinating 'museum of the vineyard' which tells of the history of wine making in the region.

Shops and restaurants galore

Lézignan-Corbières is well supplied with shops and restaurants, and there are several large supermarkets on the outskirts of the town which sell just about everything you will ever need! There are a good number and variety of cafés and restaurants to choose from if you fancy dining out, and you may find that some have a distinctly Spanish flavour blended with the French cuisine, as this is a Catalan town.

Weekly market

To experience a real French market you need to get up early on Wednesday mornings, for this is when the town really comes to life as the traders set up their stalls and sell their wonderful fresh produce. The market continues all morning long, but the locals will always be there early… by the time the tourists arrive the best has always gone!

The wider area

Exploring the area around Lézignan-Corbières is something you will need a lifetime to really appreciate… but that's no reason not to start now! There is so much to do in this fascinating region that it doesn't matter which way you turn, you will find something to interest you. There are the vineyards and the wine caves for tasting, learning about and buying local wines. You have the mountains and gorges where you can try your hand at adventure sports such as rock climbing, canyoning and white water rafting. Then there is the warm blue Mediterranean Sea with its lovely safe sandy beaches, just half an hour away. Those of you who enjoy discovering historical sites will love exploring the beautiful 'Cité' in nearby Carcassonne and for a touch of mystery why not blaze your own Da Vinci trail to Rennes le Château, where the Grail Myth lives on.

How to get there

The best way to reach Lézignan-Corbières from the UK is to fly to Carcassonne or Perpignan with budget airline Ryanair. Both airports are situated within a very short drive of Lézignan-Corbières, with Carcassonne the nearer at only 40 kilometres (about a 30 minute drive). Those who like to do things the long way can make the 1120 kilometre road trip through France. It takes a long time, and is best broken by a night or two's stop over en-route, but it is a journey worth making as you can see the landscapes changing as you travel south through the beautiful and diverse French countryside.

Property prices and availability in and around Lézignan-Corbières

There is a great variety of property in and around Lézignan-Corbières, and there can be opportunities to buy a really beautiful Maison de Maitre in the town itself, or perhaps a traditional Mas in the surrounding countryside. Prices, however, are likely to be quite high, as Lézignan-Corbières is close to the Mediterranean coast, but you may be able to offset this by the increased rental potential of property in a desirable area.

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Lézignan-Corbières AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lézignan-Corbières?

Lézignan-Corbières is found in the south of France, not far from both the Mediterranean coast and the Spanish border. It lies in the east of the Aude department.

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Population: 8,000

Access: By air: Fly to Carcassonne or Perpignan with Ryanair.

Economy: Wine production is the main source of income here, as it has been for centuries.

Interesting fact: The population of Lézignan-Corbières has been massively boosted in the last few years, partially by an influx of British buyers. According to the Mairie, within two years the population increased by more than 400!


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