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Corbières Property Listings and Info

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Hiding in the hills

The Corbieres has a varied landscape of mountains, valleys, gorges and plateaux But it was a source of irritation to both the Romans and the Catholic church as disillusioned Gauls and rebellious Cathars took refuge here. In the Middle Ages, it was a permanent battleground between the forces of Aragon and France.

Proud local produce

Today, it has discovered a more satisfying purpose. The Corbieres is home to 56,800 acres of vineyards, which churn out some of France's most popular wines such as Chateaux Aiguilloux, La Baronne Helene, Lastours, Queribus, Vauglas, Domain de Villemajou and Domaine de la Voulte Gasparets.

What lies beneath

One of the more extraordinary experiences on offer is the Terra Vinea and Rocbere cellar. To reach it you must travel 88 metres underground into a vast chamber where the wine is aged. After a tour and lesson on the history of the wine you'll be shown a number of Gallo-Roman artefacts such as amphoras, goblets and baths. Finally, you'll be able to admire the underground lake. It is open from June till September (and there are free samples along the way).

Last stand of the Cathars

If you're looking for some adventure then there's plenty of exploring to be done. The most impressive Cathar fortresses are the 'five sons of Carcassonne' and are found in the south of the Corbieres. They are all picturesquely situated atop limestone outcrops and overlook dramatic drops beneath them. In most cases it's hard to tell where the mountain ends and the castle begins.

A time for relaxation

The present atmosphere in the Corbieres could not be more at odds with its turbulent history. People are now coming to the area to find peaceful relaxation. The best destination for this is the Cistercian Abbey of Fontfroid, hidden among the hills, with its elegant rose garden. Another fantastic abbey is to be found in Lagrasse. The small village around it has kept its traditional look and feel with its old half-timbered housing and regular market.

How to get there

Travelling to the Aude is now fairly easy. There is an airport in Carcassonne with regular flights from London Stansted thanks to Ryanair. Travelling by train is also a great option. Motorail will take you from Calais all the way to Narbonne, just outside the Corbieres. There are also airports in Perpignan and Montpellier.

Corbieres property prices

The area has a stable rental market and property that is cheaper than those found higher up in the Languedoc. Its convenient position between Carcassonne and Narbonne has helped to increase property prices in the Corbieres area.

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Corbières AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Corbières?

Located in the very west of the Aude department.

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Access: The nearest airport is Carcassonne. Motorail operates a train service from Calais to Narbonne.

Economy: Both the Gauls and the Cathars have sought refuge among the mountains here.

Interesting fact: The main industry is winemaking.

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