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Aigues Mortes Property Listings and Info

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Aigues Mortes - full of charm, warmth and light

The town of Aigues Mortes, which lies in the south of France, in the most easterly department of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is not only a beautiful example of an ancient French walled town, but also has some of the best preserved ramparts in France. Aigues Mortes, despite its rather grim sounding name that means the Dead Waters, is actually full of charm, warmth and light.

Ancient battles

You only have to look at the battle scarred walls of Aigues Mortes to know that this is a town that has suffered wars and tragedies, but which has come through, all conquering to stand as a proud example today. Long have its inhabitants worked with the elements to collect the sea salt that nature provides, and to find ways to work this sometimes inhospitable marshland. Perhaps the worst enemy that has been faced by Aigues Mortes is that tiny but powerful foe, the Camarguaise mosquito! Underestimate this little lady at your peril! Take plenty of "appaisant"... you may be glad of it.

Aigues Mortes and its historic sites and monuments

Aigues Mortes is full of history, and the best way to discover it is to take your time and stroll around, taking in the ramparts, the ancient buildings and monuments as you go. The ancient stones themselves have a story to tell, and Aigues Mortes gradually gives up itself to you as you spend time there.

Shopping and dining in Aigues Mortes

Aigues Mortes has everything you could hope to find, and shopping here is a delightful experience, with so many colourful shops showcasing local arts and crafts as well as providing the more prosaic items needed for everyday life. Aigues Mortes is also perfect for those who enjoy dining, whether "in" or "out"... as the long established centre for the Camarguaise gastronomy, Aigues Mortes offers fantastic local fare whether you choose one of the many excellent restaurants or whether you buy at a local deli and take the goodies home to enjoy.

Museums and art galleries in Aigues Mortes

There are museums and art galleries in Aigues Mortes, and a twice weekly market too, creating an ambience that is at once French and also typically Camarguaise.

Unique natural environment

Aigues Mortes is situated in a truly unique and important natural environment, that is, the wetlands of the Camargue, a unique and beautiful region of salt flats and marshland, famed for its black bulls and wild white horses. It is a region that calls you back time and time again, a region with a history and heritage that inspires a fierce pride in its inhabitants, and a region that cries out to be visited and discovered by those not fortunate enough to call themselves locals.

Out and about

Aigues Mortes is fortunate in that it is located on the borders of two regions... enjoying both the ancient mysteries of the Cathar region of Languedoc-Roussillon, and the sun-baked splendour of Provence. Add to this the wild and strange beauty of the Camargue, and you have a location that is hard to beat as a base for discovering the diverse wonders of the south of France.

Sport in Aigues Mortes

If sport is your thing, you have come to the right place in Aigues Mortes. To start with, the weather here is usually sunny and warm, so all manner of outdoor activities beckon. Then there is the diversity of the countryside and indeed, seaside that is within reach of the town. Aigues Mortes itself has tennis, swimming, pony riding, a water park, bouncy castles on the beach for the little ones, petanque, boules and more.

How to get there

The airports of Nîmes and Montpellier are both within easy reach of Aigues Mortes. Montpellier is served by Ryanair and GB Airways, while Nîmes is served by Ryanair. The TGV runs to those cities too, so travelling from the UK couldn't really be easier.

Property prices and availability in and around Aigues Mortes

Aigues Mortes is a very desirable location for property, both holiday property and property for permanent residence. It is, however, still a little cheaper than similar property just over the border into Provence, so can represent a good investment.

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Aigues Mortes AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Aigues Mortes?

Aigues Mortes is situated in the central-south of France. It lies in the very south of the Gard department.

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Population: 6,012

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier or to Nîmes. By rail: The TGV runs from Paris to Montpellier and also to Nîmes, making rail travel another great possibility.

Economy: The economy has several strands to it, namely tourism, production of asparagus, sea salt and wine, and also the breeding and raising of livestock, both bulls and the famous Camarguaise white horses.

Interesting fact: The name Aigues Mortes means "Dead Waters".

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