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Quissac - historic and beautiful

The little town of Quissac, which lies in central southern France in the department of the Gard, is a very beautiful village that benefits from a rich history and naturally superb surroundings. It is situated on the River Vidourle, and offers some delightful riverside walks and views, and is surrounded by a typical Gardoise landscape of vineyards, wild garrigue grasslands and olive groves. In the background are the lovely Cèvennes Mountains, and to the south is the Mediterranean Sea, accessible in under an hour.

Quissac's stone houses and mediaeval charm

The old quarter of town, the Vièle, is full of ancient charm, with its narrow winding streets and old stone houses baked by centuries of southern sunshine. To walk here is to taste the history that has shaped the village, while all around you are the vineyards and olive groves that have dictated the rhythms of life for the villagers for so many years.

Modern life in Quissac

In the newer parts of the village you can find all the accoutrements of a modern life as well, however, and there are all types of shops and amenities on hand. Wednesday is market day in Quissac, so don't miss this chance to enjoy a slice of authentic French life, and also to catch the very best of the fresh produce on offer. Remember too, that the early birds get the best deals, so don't lie in bed too long on market days!

Quissac's disappearing river!

The village lies on the banks of the lovely River Vidourle, but is notable also for another, smaller river, La Garonette, that magically disappears beneath the town, reappearing at the ancient temple. From there it joins the larger river, and begins its journey to the Mediterranean.

Out and about

There are many wonderful places to visit and discover in the area around the village, and as many sporting activities as you can name, thanks to the diversity of the natural environment. There are the sea sports and beach activities of the Med, the mountain sports such as canyoning and climbing (skiing in winter too) to be found in the Cèvennes. And walking, cycling, horse-riding, golf, wine tasting and many other ways of filling your leisure time can be accessed in the areas that lie between the Med and the mountains!

Explore by car

If you have a car (and it is advisable as the area is rural) you can visit many lovely towns and villages. Try taking a look at Anduze, famed for its pots and its bamboo, or sample the unique environment of the Camargue, the marshlands where the bulls and white horses roam free.

How to get there

It is simple to access the village from the UK, as there are several airports within easy reach. You can fly to Nîmes, Montpellier, Marseille or Carcassonne. Nîmes and Carcassonne are served by Ryanair; Montpellier by British Airways, GB Airways, and Aer Arran; and Marseille by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus. There is a TGV station at Nîmes so you can take the fast train in comfort having changed from Eurostar at Paris or Lille. The nearest motorway is the A9.

Property prices and availability in and around Quissac

Quissac offers a chance to purchase a property with many of the benefits found in neighbouring Provence, but with the lower prices of the Gard. Old village houses are reasonably priced and sought after, with larger properties (farmsteads and wine growers' houses) popular in the countryside.

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WHERE IS Quissac?

Quissac is located in the central south of France. It lies in the west of the Gard department, close to the border with the Hérault department.

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Population: 2,271

Access: By air: Fly to Nîmes, Carcassonne or Montpellier. By rail: Nîmes is the nearest large railway station. This is a TGV station, so it is easy to travel all the way from the UK by rail, beginning with Eurostar and changing to a TGV at Paris or Lille.

Economy: The economy is predominantly rural, with viticulture particularly important.

Interesting fact: Quissac is the village where Robert Louis Stevenson finished his well loved book, "Travels with a donkey".


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