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Remoulins Property Listings and Info

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A town famed for its aqueduct

The name of Remoulins, a little town in southern France, is synonymous with the name of its aqueduct, the Pont du Gard, which is famous for being France's most visited ancient monument. Spanning the River Gardon with its stunning arches constructed on three different levels, the bridge is indeed an imposing feature of the landscape beside the town. Remoulins has more than just an historic bridge to recommend it, however. The town is pretty in a typically southern fashion, with faded pastel-coloured houses dreaming under their red-tiled roofs in the bright sunshine, which graces this part of France for around 300 days of every year.

A town for foodies!

Remoulins is a relatively small town, yet it is exceptionally well supplied with restaurants. You could dine out here for a month and not be bored, either with the choice of venue and cuisine (everything is available here including Thai and Italian cuisines) or with the excellent quality of the food and warm, friendly service.

A view from a bridge

If you are in Remoulins, you really should take the time to visit the bridge, and to stand upon it and gaze down onto the beautiful river and the land that lies below. It is impossible to look at the bridge without experiencing a sense of awe at the engineering feats of the Romans, who constructed this amazing aqueduct back in the 1st century. Once you have had your fill of history, however, the sparkling waters of the River Gardon will call you down to spend the rest of the day lazily cooling yourself in the clear water, or topping up your summer tan on a sun bed on the pretty riverside beaches.

Shopping and other facilities

The town is equipped with most things that you will need to make your life straightforward, and there is a supermarket as well as some smaller shops. Cyclists will be pleased to find that the town has a bicycle hire shop, and this is indeed a superb way to travel and to enjoy the sights and sounds of this lovely area.

Out and about

Sports fans will find plenty to keep them active in the immediate vicinity, as the countryside around the town is perfect for walking, cycling and horse-riding. The fabulous gorges of the Gardon are not far away, and these afford opportunities to rock climb and white water raft as well as providing spectacular sight seeing! The warm, blue Mediterranean Sea is also quite close, so day trips to the seaside are a pleasure. Places of interest to visit include Avignon, another town with a famous bridge, and the great city of Nīmes, with its beautiful cathedral and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

How to get there

You can fly to either Nīmes or Montpellier airports with several airlines who offer direct flights from the UK. British Airways, GB Airways and Ryanair serve Montpellier while Ryanair serves Nīmes. Rail travel is easy and efficient using first Eurostar, then the super fast TGV service to Nīmes. Driving is also straightforward, if somewhat longwinded, as Remoulins is situated immediately off the A9 motorway.

Property prices and availability in and around Remoulins

Property in the Gard is not cheap, but should you buy in Remoulins, being so close to Provence without carrying the prestigious postcodes, you will find you have many of the same benefits (climate, landscapes, and lifestyle) without paying quite the same inflated property prices. Older style properties are sought after, and most types of well maintained property in the town will fetch a good rental income.

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Remoulins AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Remoulins?

Remoulins is located in southern France, in the east of the Gard department, very close to its region's border with the Provence-Alpes-Cōte d'Azur.

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Population: 1,996

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier airport with BA, GB Airways, Ryanair, or to Nīmes with Ryanair. By rail: There is a TGV station at Nīmes. By road: The town lies just off the A9 motorway.

Economy: The economy is a mixture of agriculture and tourism, with real estate becoming more important in recent years.

Interesting fact: The river which gives its name to the famous aqueduct is not actually called the Gard River. It is known as the Gardon, as are its tributaries!

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