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Vauvert Property Listings and Info

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Vauvert - an old market town

Vauvert is a charming market town that is found in the Gard department of southern France, not far from the marshlands of the Camargue and the ancient city of Nîmes. Technically placed in the Languedoc region, the town nevertheless has many characteristics of neighbouring Provence, and is also close enough to the coast to allow easy access to the étangs and beaches of the Golfe du Lion.

Vineyards, garrigue and étangs

The town's economy is based in agriculture, with wine making perhaps the most important activity, although fruit and vegetable growing is also important. Hence the area around the town sports many vineyards and orchards, with the wider area being covered by the wild vegetation of the garrigue, where many aromatic herbs and plants grow over the rocky earth. The other features of the landscape around the town are the étangs, or inland salt lakes which abound in shellfish and other forms of interesting flora and fauna.

Vauvert has a lively community

Vauvert may have its roots in tradition and history, but there is a lively modern community life here too, with many facilities and events to enjoy. The town has twice weekly markets, shops and services, including health care, banks and schools. It also has an abundance of cafés, bars and restaurants as well as an authentic old centre sporting typical regional architecture and even a bullring.

Fêtes and festivals

Vauvert is no slouch when it comes to cultural events, and lovers of French fêtes and festivals will find themselves able to indulge their passion regularly as Vauvert hosts a great number of such events throughout the year. These range from flamenco festivals, bull running events and fashion shows to music concerts, all providing a non stop whirl of colour and activity based on the traditions of this unique region of France.

Out and about

The excellent climate enjoyed by the area invites lots of outdoor activities, and there are plenty to be found in and near Vauvert. The town itself has no less than 37 sporting clubs and associations, and locally there is great access to tennis, walking, horse-riding, fishing, swimming and golf.

How to get there

Vauvert is accessible from several international airports, the closest being Nîmes and Montpellier. You could also fly to Marseille or Avignon. Nîmes is served by Ryanair; Montpellier by easyJet and Ryanair; Marseille by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus; and Avignon by flybe. If you prefer travelling by train, you can take a TGV to Avignon and local train on to Vauvert itself. By road, Vauvert is easily accessed from the A9 auto route.

Property prices in and around Vauvert

Vauvert (and the Gard in general) can be a great place to seek property, as it offers all the delights of the Hérault region of Languedoc-Roussillon and also of Provence, both of which are rather more expensive when it comes to property.

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WHERE IS Vauvert?

Vauvert is located in the south of France. It lies in the south of the Gard department.

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Population: 10,000

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier or Nīmes direct from the UK. By rail: Take a TGV to Avignon and local train onwards. By road: Vauvert is easily accessed from the A9 auto route.

Economy: The economy of Vauvert is largely agricultural, with wine, fruit and vegetables of highest importance. Glass making and canning are also significant.

Interesting fact: Vauvert has many cultural events taking place in the town. One of the most exciting is perhaps the Camarguaise bull race, a tradition that goes back many years and which is peculiar to the region.

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