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Balaruc les Bains Property Listings and Info

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Balaruc les Bains - a special place

Balaruc les Bains, a town of some 6,000 inhabitants, is a town that really does have something rather special and unique to offer. More than just an excellent seaside resort, it is also a spa resort of the highest order, offering treatments for many ailments as well as treatments to aid general health and well being.

Unspoilt and charming

Balaruc occupies an idyllic location on the beautiful inland lake known as the Etang de Thau, a saltwater lagoon which is separated from the Mediterranean beaches by a narrow strip of land. The resort is close to many of the most popular towns of the centre south, easily accessed from the UK and well developed for tourism whilst remaining unspoilt and charming.

Good facilities available with open air markets to peruse

The resort offers all the pleasures associated with a Mediterranean seaside holiday, with beaches both on the lagoon and also a few metres away, on the side of the Med itself. Facilities are good, with shops, restaurants and entertainment all in place to keep the whole family amused. Open air markets are also a feature of life in Balaruc les Bains, selling local specialities and crafts in addition to fresh produce, fashion items, bric a brac and household goods.

Modern and mediaeval parts to Balaruc les Bains

Although some parts of Balaruc are quite modern, there is a pretty, mediaeval sector, and one of the unusual things you will notice is a communal footbath which invites you to discover the beneficial properties of the waters of this spa by relaxing to soak your feet for a few moments! This is found in the courtyard of the original spa resort, the Pavilion Sevigne, now the Tourist Information Office building. On the historical theme, you can also visit an archaeological site of Gallo Roman remains, comprising the ruins of a building dating back to the 3rd century AD.

Go for a boat ride on the Etang de Thau

Further sights to take in around the resort include the colourful port, from which you can take a boat out onto the waters of the lagoon, and the lagoon itself, a veritable paradise for nature lovers with its diversity of flora and fauna. The lagoon is also noted for the shellfish it nurtures, and dining out at the waterside seafood restaurants is always an unmitigated delight. The spa centres offer another way of relaxing, with general treatments for health and well being on offer as well as more specific treatments for ailments such as rheumatism and phlebitis.

Plenty of activities on offer

There are plenty of sporting activities available locally, and you will have no difficulty finding golf courses, horse-riding stables and tennis courts in addition to the typical seaside pursuits of sailing, swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Days out might include a visit to an oyster farm, a vineyard (complete, of course, with wine tasting!) or to the famous Noilly Prat winery where this unique aperitif has been made for over 160 years to a closely guarded secret recipe.

Explore the marshy Camargue

You might also like to visit the historic cities of Montpellier, the thriving and exciting capital of the region, the Cathar cities of Béziers or Carcassonne, or to spend some time in the unique flatlands of the marshy Camargue, with its black bulls, wild white horses and gorgeous art towns like Arles.

How to get there

Montpellier is the nearest point of arrival from the UK, whether you are travelling by air or by train. Airlines currently servicing this airport are EasyJet and Ryanair. Other airports in the vicinity include Nîmes, Béziers and Carcassonne. Drivers will find the town easily after leaving the A9 auto route and heading towards the coast on the D2.

Property prices and availability in and around Balaruc les Bains

Prices near the Mediterranean are usually somewhat more expensive than those found inland, and it is fair to say that you will have to pay a premium for the location of Balaruc les Bains should you wish to own a property in this very desirable resort. That said, there are occasionally some amazing bargains that come onto the market, with a four-bedroom house currently offered for sale at just over 200,000 Euros. And it is still considerably cheaper than the Cote d'Azur, while offering many of the same pleasures and advantages.

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Balaruc les Bains AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Balaruc les Bains?

Balaruc les Bains is located in the south of France, on the Mediterranean coast. It lies in the south of the Hérault department.

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Population: 6,180

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier, Béziers, Nîmes or Carcassonne. By rail: The TGV runs to Montpellier. By road: The A9 auto route runs near Balaruc les Bains, with the D2 bringing you closer still.

Economy: The economy is mainly based on tourism and thermalism.

Interesting fact: Unlike many seaside resorts, Balaruc les Bains opens all year round, inviting visitors to enjoy the old town, the beautiful setting and the thermal waters in any season.

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