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Caussiniojouls Property Listings and Info

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Caussiniojouls - a bijou village

Small, but of jewel-like perfection, the gorgeous mediaeval village of Caussiniojouls lies amid the Mediterranean landscapes of the Hérault department in the south of France. Set in the hills of the Haute Languedoc, the village offers spectacular views to the mountains, the garrigue and over the vineyards that proliferate in the region. It is packed with mediaeval charm, and makes a delightful oasis of tranquillity, yet remains near to all the best attractions of this part of southern France.

Shops found close by

Caussiniojouls is too small to offer shops, but you don't have to travel far to find everything you need for a comfortable life. The nearby village of Faugeres has shops, while a large supermarket can be found at Hérépian, just around ten minutes drive away. What the village does have, however, in addition to its beauty and atmosphere, are boules and tennis courts and a go-karting track, complete with a little restaurant and bar.

Enjoy the village fetes

Lovers of French village fetes and festivities will also find plenty going on in the village and the locality. The heritage of Caussiniojouls includes the 16th century Church of St Etienne and a chateau which sells local wines and offers tastings.

Out and about

With all the glories of the Mediterranean coast near to hand, you will never be at a loss for something to do. The weather in the Hérault is mostly sunny, yes, even in winter, and even if the weather is cold it is still a pleasure to walk along the beaches or to meander beside the Étangs and eat fresh mussels or oysters at the seafood restaurants. Of course, the Hérault has a fabulous inland side to its personality too, it isn't all about the Med.

Discover stunning landscapes and ancient towns

The landscapes are stunning, with hectares of wild, garrigue, aromatic with lavender and rosemary, neat vineyards and distant mountains. The ancient towns and villages often hide historic treasures to discover, such as Romanesque churches, mediaeval fortresses or crumbling chateaux. Béziers, the departmental capital, is only a few minutes drive from the village, and has both heritage and culture as well as the more modern pleasures of shopping and dining to offer.

Indulge in some leisure activities

There are many sporting and leisure activities to indulge in too, no matter your preference or level of fitness. You can cycle, walk, play golf, enjoy a spa treatment, swim, fish, play tennis or go horse-riding.

How to get there

Planes and trains will get you to Béziers, Montpellier or Carcassonne, all within reach of the village, with Béziers being the nearest. Béziers airport is served by Ryanair and Flybe. If driving, look for the D154, from where you will find Caussiniojouls. The nearest major road to the village is the A75.

Property prices and availability in and around Caussiniojouls

Property in the Hérault can be more expensive than in some areas of France, as all property close to the Med tends to be, but it still offers great value for money in comparison with nearby Provence or with Catalan Spain. At the time of writing, there are several very low priced renovation properties on the market, so it might be a good time to take a look at Caussiniojouls!

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Caussiniojouls AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Caussiniojouls?

Caussiniojouls is situated in the south of France. It lies to the south and west of the centre of the Hérault department.

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Population: 117

Access: By air: Fly to Béziers, Montpellier or Carcassonne. By rail: You can take a train to Béziers or any of the above cities. By road: The village lies just off the D154.

Economy: The village is tiny, relying mainly on agriculture/wine production for employment and economy.

Interesting fact: The name Caussiniojouls means "plateau in the clouds". A fittingly romantic name for a romantic place!

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