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Laurens - Mediterranean and mediaeval

The village of Laurens, which is located in the central south of France, is a beautiful and tranquil example of a typical mediaeval village in this area. It lies amid the wonderfully evocative Mediterranean landscapes of the Hérault department, with its vineyards, olive trees and Cathar castles brooding on a dark and turbulent history.

Village amenities

Small it may be, but Laurens is not without its amenities, and you will find a clutch of useful and friendly shops and other facilities within the village itself, while other, larger towns and villages offer even greater possibilities and remain within easy reach. In Laurens expect to find a couple of boulangeries, a butcher, pharmacy, grocery store, a newsagent and even a café bar. The Cathar city of Béziers is only about twenty minutes away, so it is easy to meet all everyday needs in the locality as well as to take in a bit of history and culture!

What to do in and around Laurens?

Laurens may be set deep in the Languedoc countryside, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. The region is bursting with history to discover, and if you have an interest in the past of this part of France you will find endless possibilities to make fascinating discoveries. Visit the city of Carcassonne, explore the mysteries of Rennes les Château, or follow the trail of the Knights Templar, who indeed had well documented connections with the village of Laurens itself! Then you could try some wine tasting, as the Hérault is one of the largest wine producing areas in the world, or just enjoy relaxing in the wonderful countryside or on the beautiful beaches of the south of France.

Sports and leisure

There is a huge variety of sports in which to take part, and many of these are extra enjoyable because of the great weather with which Laurens is usually blessed. The seaside, just a half hour away, offers possibilities for sailing, scuba diving, swimming and more, while in the countryside near Laurens you can walk, cycle, ride a horse, play tennis, or even play golf at the nearby spa town of Lamalou les Bains. Laurens offers a boules court, so you can hone your skills in that most French of games!

How to get there

You have plenty of choice when deciding what method of transport to use to reach Laurens. Montpellier has the nearest airport, and this is served by budget airline Ryanair and easyJet, but you can also easily access the village from Nîmes, Carcassonne, Perpignan or Toulouse. Nîmes is served by Ryanair; Carcassonne by Ryanair; Perpignan by Ryanair, bmibaby and flybe; and Toulouse by British Airways, easyJet, bmi, Jet2 and flybe. Train travel is simple, with the TGV taking you to Toulouse, then a local service connecting you to Béziers. Drivers will find the village from the D13 or D909.

Property prices and availability in and around Laurens

Laurens lies in a popular part of France, so don't expect the prices to be especially cheap. It is possible, though to pick up a bargain here, and there are currently some properties on the market which certainly offer good value for your money. Prices compare very well with other parts of the Mediterranean.

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WHERE IS Laurens?

Laurens is situated in the central south of France. It lies slightly to the north-west of the centre of the Hérault department.

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Population: 983

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier, Carcassonne, Nîmes, Perpignan or Toulouse. By rail: Take the TGV to Toulouse and local train to Béziers. By road: The village is accessed from the D13 or D909 roads.

Economy: The economy centres on the wine industry.

Interesting fact: The village was once a centre for tax collecting by the Knights Templar, who used the money to finance the crusades.


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