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Montblanc Property Listings and Info

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Montblanc - a charming Mediterranean wine village

The village of Montblanc lies among the vineyards of the Hérault department, in the sunny central south of France. Surrounded not just by vineyards, but also close to the Mediterranean coast and steeped in history, Montblanc exudes a powerful southern charm and typical Languedocien character.

Beautiful, historical and authentic

Montblanc is a particularly beautiful village, well cared for and a source of great pride to its inhabitants. The village dates back to early mediaeval times, celebrating its past with a mediaeval festival week being held at the end of April each year. Its ancient houses and narrow, twisting streets not only bear witness to its history, but also add enormously to its authentic charm, as does Montblanc's lovely 12th century church.

Amenities available

The population of 2,136 has demanded that the village provides well for its community, and you will find excellent small town amenities within the boundaries and even more just a short hop away in Pezenas. In Montblanc itself you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and services, with small general markets being held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Meanwhile the wine trade is alive and thriving in Montblanc. The village wine co operative is excellent, producing and selling local wines.

Close to the sea and the mountains

There can hardly be a better place in France to enjoy the immediate surroundings than Montblanc. The Mediterranean Sea is almost on the doorstep, with a vast choice of lovely seaside resorts, beaches, salt lagoons and quaint fishing villages to visit, while the nearby mountains and gorges offer the potential for challenging yourself to try adventure sports such as white water rafting or rock climbing.

Explore great cities, characterful villages and the pretty countryside

Characterful villages are hidden around every corner, many of them carrying the scars of a battle worn past, as this is a Cathar region, the scene of the terrible battles between the Cathars and the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. The great cities of the Languedoc; Carcassonne, Béziers, Perpignan and Montpellier all have beauty, heritage, history and the modern pleasures of shopping and dining in abundance. Meanwhile simpler and quieter ways to spend your days around Montblanc might include walking in the pretty countryside, visiting vineyards, viewing the area on horseback or simply sitting in the sun, sipping a glass of locally produced wine.

How to get there

Flying to the region gives you the choice of several airports, all served by budget airlines to keep travel costs to a minimum. Carcassonne, Béziers, Perpignan and Montpellier are all well placed for accessing Montblanc, with Béziers being the closest and being served by Ryanair and Flybe. The TGV services to these cities is another option should rail travel suit you better. Drivers will find Montblanc very easy to get to, as it lies just five minutes from the A75 auto route, on the D18/D125.

Property prices and availability in and around Montblanc

Prices of property near to the Med can be on the high side, but Montblanc property tends to be quite reasonable in comparison with some nearby towns. Certainly, it is considerably cheaper than neighbouring Provence. With village houses, fully renovated and ready to live in currently (November 2011) on the market at prices from just 100,000 Euros, property in Montblanc is within the reach of most.

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Montblanc AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Montblanc?

Montblanc is situated in the central south of France, in the south of the Hérault department.

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Population: 2,136

Access: By air: Fly to Béziers. By rail: The TGV takes you to Béziers. By road: If driving, the village is located from the A75 auto route (toll road) on the D125/D18.

Economy: The economy is based on wine and tourism.

Interesting fact: Montblanc is in an ideal location just five minutes from the A75 motorway and within a short drive of the Mediterranean coast.

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