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Nissan lez Enserune - a typically southern village

The village of Nissan lez Enserune, despite having a name that makes it sound like a rather modern and mass produced Japanese car, is actually a beautiful and traditional wine village, situated in the Hérault department of Languedoc-Roussillon. The village is so typical of its area and true to its mediaeval roots, that it is acclaimed as one of the most authentic and relaxing villages in the south.

Beautiful backdrop

Nissan lez Enserune is set in a landscape that is, in many ways, apparently unchanged from the days when the earliest of the vineyards were first planted, and when the sun shone down onto a mediaeval population. The hills roll away into the distance, topped with the odd fortified village or soaring church tower, while in the foreground there are the ever present vineyards, neat and productive, some with colourful rose bushes at the start of each row of vines. Pretty as this practice is, it has a practical purpose, as do most things in this rural community. The roses act as a safety feature for the vines, showing signs of potential disease before the precious grapes. This allows farmers to take whatever action necessary to protect their crop.

Amenities on offer

A metropolis it isn't, but Nissan lez Enserune is capable of supplying most everyday needs with its range of little shops, supermarkets and its friendly service. There is even a market held three times a week, bringing the best and freshest of local produce virtually to your door, straight from the land and the sea.

Larger towns within reach

If by any chance you should find that you require something that is not available in the village, there is no need to worry, as there are a good number of large towns within easy reach, all of them having banks, large supermarkets, museums, leisure centres, hospitals and much more. Choose from the nearby towns of Pézenas or Béziers, or visit one of the great cities of the region such as Montpellier or Nîmes.

Drinking and dining in Nissan lez Enserune

True to its southern character, however, there is one thing that Nissan lez Enserune does not lack, and that is a collection of quaint and friendly bars, where you can sip a cold beer, enjoy a restorative Espresso or share a pitcher of local wine with the regulars. It's a great way to improve your French! There are cafés and restaurants too, and there is no better way to relax than to enjoy a well prepared meal in good company.

L'Oppidum d'Enserune

This ancient archaeological site dating back to the 6th century BC, sits on a hill top close to Nissan lez Enserune, looking out over the plains and fields below. The museum here is well worth a visit, which houses some of the finds from the site which date between 6BC and 1BC. Outside you can also admire the panoramic views, in particular the view to the north, which looks out over what was Lake Montady. This lake was drained in 1247, to allow irrigation and drainage channels to transport the water further south. In fact these channels are still in use today.

Out and about...

Nissan lez Enserune lies in the ancient lands of the Cathar knights, persecuted and killed by the Catholic Church in the 13th century. There are many places that bear the traces of the tragic Cathar legacy, and you could do worse than to begin in the nearby city of Béziers, if you want to discover the turbulent spiritual history of the region. After that you could visit Carcassonne, and perhaps go to Rennes le Château, said in a legend to be the place of safety that sheltered Mary Magdalene and the child of Jesus after the crucifixion. If the mystical Cathar trail is not for you, you could take the well trodden path to the Med and enjoy all the more secular delights of Cap d'Agde, with sun, sea and sand a-plenty.

Sports and sunshine

In the area around Nissan there are lots of opportunities to get out and about in the sunshine and to enjoy all your favourite sporting activities, as well as to discover a few new ones. If you haven't been canyoning, for example, the dramatic gorges of the Aude, Hérault and Pyrénées-Orientales offer a fantastic chance to try this exciting sport, and there is access to white water rafting too, as well as the sea sports of scuba diving, sailing, swimming and windsurfing. The area also has golf courses, pony trekking and some wonderful walking trails.

How to get there

You can fly to several airports which will get you quite close to the village. These are Montpellier, Perpignan, Nîmes and Carcassonne, and between them they are served by a good selection of airlines including budget operators Ryanair and easyJet. You can also take the Eurostar to Paris or Lille, then change to a TGV which will take you all the way to Béziers.

Property prices and availability in and around Nissan lez Enserune

Nissan lez Enserune makes a fabulous place to own a property, be it a holiday home or a permanent residence. Life is sweet here, and although the property prices in the region have risen significantly over the last ten years, the region still represents good value for money, especially compared with Provence, lying just to the east.

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Nissan lez Enserune AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Nissan lez Enserune?

Nissan lez Enserune is located in the central south of France, inland from the Mediterranean Sea. It lies in the south-west of the Hérault department, close to the border with the Aude.

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Population: 3,000

Access: By air: Fly to Montpellier, Perpignan or Carcassonne. By rail: The TGV will take you to Béziers, Nîmes or Montpellier. By road: The village is accessed from the N9, south-west of Béziers.

Economy: Wine is the traditional and enduring base of the economy.

Interesting fact: Near the town is a fascinating archaeological site, l'Oppidum d'Enserune, once a Roman settlement.

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