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Thézan lès Béziers Property Listings and Info

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Thézan lès Béziers - a "round" town

The wine village of Thézan lès Béziers, which is found lying amongst the vineyards and hills of the Hérault department in Languedoc-Roussillon, is a mediaeval circulade village, typical of and unique to, its region. These "circulades" are villages that were constructed around the church and/or castle (both, in the case of Thézan lès Béziers) in the centre in a circular shape, as a defensive mechanism to protect themselves from invaders. This formation can still be clearly seen today in Thézan lès Béziers, with aerial photographs giving the best views.

Explore the old streets and houses

The circular shape of the village gives a clue to its history, as indeed the village was the subject of numerous attacks and occupations in the past, with its location having made it a desirable conquest. Some of its mediaeval buildings are now in a state of disrepair, but there are many original features to be seen in the old streets and houses.

Charming and historical

The village centrepiece is twofold, consisting of the castle, Château d'Aspiran de Ravannès, and the church. The little streets that encircle the centre have an old world charm, and provide a connection with a history that is ever present in this village. The Town Hall is notable, as is the statue of Marianne by a locally born sculptor.

Enjoy the unhurried pace of village life

The village is unspoiled by tourism, and the pace of life is pleasant and unhurried. Most everyday amenities can be found within the village boundaries, although for large shops and hypermarkets you would need to travel to the nearby city of Béziers. However, there are a good number of village shops, café bars and restaurants, as well as a twice weekly market which always provides a lively and colourful shopping experience.

Out and about

The beaches and resorts of the Mediterranean are close to the village, so days out swimming, sunbathing and just relaxing at the seaside are definitely on the agenda. Visits to local vineyards are also recommended, with wine tastings, educational tours and opportunities to buy excellent wines direct from the makers always available.

Activities on offer - golf anyone?

The diverse landscapes of the Hérault offer numerous sporting activities, so whether you head for the coast or the countryside there will be no shortage of things to do or sports to try. There are good golf courses near the village, and the lovely countryside is a perfect place to enjoy walking, horse-riding or cycling. The region is also rich in historic and interesting towns and cities, with Béziers, Carcassonne, Nîmes and more within reach.

How to get there

The nearest airport is situated at Béziers, which offers direct flights from the UK with budget airline Ryanair. Other airports which could be used to access the region include Carcassonne and Montpellier, while the train can take you to those cities too. The A9 auto route is the one to follow to access the village, which is just some ten minutes away from the exit, and can be found from the D909.

Property prices and availability in and around Thézan lès Béziers

Prices in the Hérault can be on the high side, although not as expensive as in nearby Provence. However, inland villages such as Thézan lès Béziers, which are off the tourist map in as much as they have not yet really been discovered by mass tourism, can offer good properties at quite reasonable prices, while remaining within easy reach of the areas prime attractions.

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Thézan lès Béziers AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Thézan lès Béziers?

Thézan lès Béziers is located in the south of France, in the south-west of the Hérault department.

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Population: 2,543

Access: By air: Fly to Béziers, Carcassonne or Montpellier. By rail: There are train stations at Carcassonne, Narbonne, Montpellier and Béziers. By road: The nearest auto route to the village is the A9.

Economy: The economy is based on wine production.

Interesting fact: Thézan lès Béziers stands on four hills which are known as "pechs" , the old Occitan word for hills.

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