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Banyuls dels Aspres Property Listings and Info

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Banyuls dels Aspres - peaceful among the vineyards

Banyuls dels Aspres is a peaceful little village that lies surrounded by vineyards in the plain of Roussillon, in the deep south of France. Close to the Spanish border, the village allows no through traffic, and thus retains a tranquillity that many southern towns and villages lost long ago.

A slice of real southern France

If you have heard that the south of France has been spoiled by excessive tourism, look again, and head for a village such as Banyuls dels Aspres. Here you will find a life that beats to the old rhythms of the seasons, and a working day that follows the requirements of the vine. The streets and the red-roofed houses sleep under a strong southern sun in summer, their gaily painted shutters keeping the interiors comfortably cool. In winter, which is mercifully short in this region, the temperature may be cold but the sun is usually shining brightly from a clear blue sky.

Village life

Unlike its similarly named neighbour, Banyuls sur Mer, Banyuls dels Aspres leads a quiet existence, devoid of nightclubs and tourist led entertainments. It does, however, have a pleasant community life, with a main square offering a few useful shops, and a small and friendly bar. Of course, if you want to access the high life of the Med, or the shops and facilities of a big city, you won't have to travel far as Banyuls dels Aspres is set within a ten mile radius of the coast, of the principal city of Perpignan, and also the Spanish border.

Out and about

Getting out and about to explore this lovely region is essential... and you will need a car. Catalan France offers a rich history and culture to discover, and there are many fêtes and Catalan flavoured festivals held in the surrounding towns and villages throughout the year, especially in the summer months. The cherry producing capital of Ceret is close by, and if you feel in need of a little self indulgence you will also find a few spa towns offering natural mineral waters and spa treatments to refresh body and soul.

The Roussillon coast

The Roussillon coast is one of the prettiest and sunniest in the country, and there are many outdoor sports to be found in the region making the most of the great climate. Scuba diving is popular here due to the clarity of the waters, and there are a good number of scuba schools on the coast where you can try your hand at this exciting sport. Winter brings the opportunity to ski in the resorts of the Pyrénées, and spring and autumn dress the countryside in such beautiful colours that walking, cycling and horse-riding are the prefect way to get out and about and simply enjoy.

How to get there

Perpignan is the nearest airport, and has flights from the UK with Ryanair, bmibaby and flybe. Girona and Carcassonne are also nearby, both of which are served by Ryanair. The TGV runs to Perpignan from Paris (where you can change from Eurostar) so there is another easy and fast option available for you to get to your destination from the UK. Drivers should find the village very easily from the A9 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Banyuls dels Aspres

Although Roussillon is quite an expensive area for property due to its fabulous weather and many other charms, prices around Banyuls dels Aspres can be lower than at the coast, or in the main tourist towns, so it can be a good place to look for property if price is an issue.

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Banyuls dels Aspres AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Banyuls dels Aspres?

Banyuls dels Aspres is situated a short way inland from the Mediterranean Sea in southern France, close to the Spanish border. It lies in the east of the Pyrénées-Orientales department.

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Population: 1,000

Access: By air: Fly to Perpignan, Carcassonne or Girona. By rail: The TGV runs from Paris to nearby Perpignan, so train travel is a good option. By road: The village is found close to the A9 auto route.

Economy: The economy is based on wine production.

Interesting fact: Locals claim that the village is the sunniest in Roussillon, which in turn is said to be perhaps the sunniest region in France.

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