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Bompas Property Listings and Info

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Bompas - a sunshine town

Bompas is a market town that is found in the far south of France, in the sunshine department of the Pyrénées-Orientales in Languedoc-Roussillon. The town is of a good size, having an old village centre (retaining some of the ancient fortifications) and many newer residential areas around it. It offers excellent access to the beaches of the Med, the ski resorts of the Pyrénées, the lively city of Perpignan and also to northern Spain. Placed in the heart of French Catalonia, Bompas is strongly influenced by Catalan culture and traditions, and the Catalan language is still spoken by some of the older residents.

Wine and snails

Wine and snails are emblematic of France and French life, and you will find both in abundance here in Bompas. The town mascot is a snail, and Bompas is famous for its delicious (allegedly!) dish of snails cooked in the Catalan way, with pig fat, garlic, salt and pepper. Traditionally these are then roasted over a fire of vine twigs and leaves, which is apparently responsible for the special flavour of the delicacy. Wine is the main source of income for the town, with a particular speciality being the sweet wine "Muscat", frequently offered as an aperitif.

Shops and markets

Bompas has a good array of shops and services, with lots of wine sales outlets, craft shops and market gardens selling fresh local produce. Every Thursday Bompas holds a traditional street market, so if you love this great French institution you will find a large number of colourful stalls to browse and all manner of goods on offer.

Fêtes and festivals

Being Catalan, Bompas loves to put on its glad rags and party, and the town hosts a variety of fêtes and festivals. Catalan people will always find an excuse to have fun! Take your pick from the Ronde de Bompas athletics race, the children's carnival, a Catalan feast, the Snail Festival, or the Bastille Day celebrations... or just enjoy them all!

Out and about

Because Bompas is located near the Med and the mountains, there is always plenty to do. You can ski or snow board in winter, or enjoy the seas and beach sports of the coastal resorts in the summer. There are opportunities to go wine tasting, to explore the rich history of the region, or even take a trip to Barcelona or to the lively resorts of the Coast Brava. The nearby city of Perpignan also offers much to do and see, and has a huge variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy as well as museums, theatres and cinemas.

How to get there

Perpignan is the nearest airport, and there are flights from around the UK with Ryanair, bmibaby and flybe. Girona and Carcassonne are also near enough to be useful, both being served by Ryanair. The TGV runs to Perpignan from Paris, which makes train travel a great option, and you can even continue on down to enjoy a trip to the Spanish resort of Figures, or to the great city of Barcelona. Drivers will find Bompas from the A9 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Bompas

Bompas and its environs are popular with property seekers, as the region is well known for its fabulous climate and natural beauty. This can make prices appear on the high side, but its many attractions mean that property holds its value well and is also an attractive rental prospect.

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WHERE IS Bompas?

Bompas is situated near the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, close to the Spanish border. It lies in the north-east of the Pyrénées-Orientales department.

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Population: 7,000

Access: By air: Fly to Perpignan, Carcassonne or Girona. By rail: The TGV runs from Paris to Perpignan. By road: Bompas is easily accessed from the A9 motorway.

Economy: The economy is mainly concerned with wine making.

Interesting fact: Bompas is famous for its snails (which are called Cargol in Catalan) and has a snail as its mascot.

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