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Canet Plage Property Listings and Info

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Canet Plage is a Mediterranean town

Canet Plage is a lovely Mediterranean town in the far south of France, near the Spanish border. Once upon a time Canet Plage attracted only local holiday makers, but now its fame has spread far and wide and tourism is the mainstay of its economy. It lies in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales, where tourism is the modern addition to the traditional pursuits of wine production and fishing.

Sophisticated resort

Canet Plage is a seaside town which benefits from having the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean lapping at its feet. It has developed into quite a sophisticated resort, and as well as the simple delights provided by the sea, sun and scenery, the town has a well developed entertainment industry and commercial side.

Canet Plage provides all amenities

Canet Plage offers a great range of shops (with still more choice available in nearby Perpignan), and all amenities are provided in the town. There are numerous bars, cafés and restaurants, and in the holiday season these are rarely anything but buzzing! Be warned, however, that things calm down quite rapidly as winter approaches, and this can change the atmosphere of the town completely. Some residents say, however, that this is their favourite time of year, as they can take a well earned rest and enjoy well deserved peace and tranquillity after the hectic season!

Life and culture in Canet Plage

There is one inescapable fact about the life and culture in Canet Plage, and that is that it is first and foremost a Catalan town. The Catalonian area covers this part of France as well as parts of northern Spain, and has a very definite effect on the people and the culture of the towns. Catalan style festivals are colourful and exuberant affairs, and you are well advised to catch them if you can! The gastronomy of the area is also strongly Catalan, with delicious seafood and spicier dishes than you will find in much of France.

Night-life in Canet Plage

There is a lively night-life in Canet Plage in the summer, and if you are seeking to be part of this you should head for the Place de la Mediterranée, which is in the very heart of this vibrant town.

Things to see, places to go...

There are so many wonderful places to visit in the region near Canet Plage that it is hard to know exactly where to start... but this is a very pleasant dilemma! You could, perhaps, begin with a visit to the beautiful mediaeval city of Carcassonne, or spend a day in palm-lined streets of nearby Perpignan, or even pop across the border to Spain and see the wonders of Barcelona, the Catalan capital. Historians and romantics will enjoy uncovering the rich history of the area, and wine buffs will be able to indulge their hobby with tastings and trips to wine domains all around.

Beach activities

There is a prevalent beach culture here, with many sporting activities centring on the fabulous sandy beaches of the resort. Also in the area are possibilities for horse-riding, cycling and hill walking, and many other sports are available with tennis courts and golf courses to keep everyone happy. In winter there is access to some excellent skiing in the nearby Pyrénéan mountains too... so although life is quieter in Canet Plage in the winter it certainly isn't dead!

How to get there

It couldn't be easier to get to Canet Plage from the UK, as the city of Perpignan, right on the doorstep, has both an international airport and a TGV stop. The airport is served by budget airline Ryanair as well as flybe and bmibaby, so there is plenty of choice when it comes to airlines and departure airports. Slightly further afield are the airports of Carcassonne (Ryanair) and Girona (Ryanair). Should you prefer to travel by train, take the Eurostar from London to Paris, change to a TGV and disembark at Perpignan.

Property prices and availability in and around Canet Plage

Property in Canet Plage itself can be at the pricier end of the market, as the resort is popular and lies in a very desirable part of France. The upside to this is that property sells well and holds its value well, and also offers a great rental income should you wish to let it out when you are not using it yourself.

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Canet Plage AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Canet Plage?

Canet Plage is located in the far south of France, quite close to the Spanish border. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, in the east of the Pyrénées-Orientales department.

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Population: 10,200

Access: By air: The nearest airports are Perpignan, Carcassonne and Girona. By rail: The TGV runs from Paris to Perpignan, so you can travel almost all the way by train from the UK, as Perpignan is next door to Canet Plage.

Economy: The economy is driven by tourism.

Interesting fact: In Canet Plage almost everyone picks up the habit of "promenading". Stroll each evening along the seafront to see and be seen... just like the Italian "Passeggiata" this is a social ritual you wont be able to resist!

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